Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard Part 1 of 14

Good morning to all our fellow bloggers.  We have been resting these past few weeks since returning from our most recent series of post about our December 2016/January 2017 road trip “The Journey to Florida and Back ~ days 1 through 22~”.  It was shortly after our September 2016 Road Trip we realized (must be an age thing) the importance of pausing to reflect on the places we visited and people we met.  Please remember that if you get lost just click on the “USA Through Our Eyes” heading and you will be brought back to the home page.

Perhaps some can relate to that ole saying “familiarity breeds contempt”?  That ole saying was first recorded in Chaucer’s Tale of Melibee (c. 1386).  Hmmm, I guess I was more awake in that English Lit class years ago, then I thought, lol.  Anyway, in our journeys, we have discovered how easy it is easy to get caught up with forgetting or failing to see the beauty within our own back yard.  We began to wonder if maybe we had fallen prey to that same mind set, familiarity…?  It begins so subtly and earmarked by grumblings about the weather, crime, politics or perception there is nothing new to see in the ole hometown backyard.  Does this sound familiar at all?

We have been extremely blessed after our last couple road trips to step outside our zip code and explore the vast beauty of these United States with an enthusiasm that one sometimes forgets to apply about their own hometown region.

While reminiscing about the states, cities and towns visited and the awesome people met it came to us that while taking a pause before another road trip let’s make some time to re-explore our own hometown area.  This time however we would do so with the same heightened level of enthusiasm applied when touring the 24 other states visited.

Rochester, NY in Relation to New York State
Rochester, NY in Relation to New York State

So, over the next few weeks we are going to post a few intermittent bits and pieces about Rochester, NY and its surrounding area.  After all, while we are busy exploring all the states and countries north, south, east and west people from those areas may be wondering what to do should their journeys take them here.

We hope you will log in again to follow our series of articles about Rochester, NY and it surrounding areas.  Who knows you might just read, see or hear something that piques your interest just enough to say, hey I want to add that place to my “bucket list”, lol.


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56 thoughts on “Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard Part 1 of 14

  1. Hi Susan. Its so nice to have you along with us on our journey and to be able to follow along on yours. Our first road trip was Sept 2016 for a month across the USA tenting. We absolutely loved the experience. We felt a little limited thought because of weather conditions so we bought a class b camper van. It has given us so much flexibility for our travels. We gotta warn you though… once you do your trip you’ll be hooked.

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  2. This is going to be such fun. I’m looking forward to reading through these posts and the newer ones from your Pennsylvania trip. Are you still tent camping? We are planning a road trip for next year and don’t quite know what our focus will be. But we’ll be heading out from the opposite coast. I’m so glad to have found your blog.

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  3. I’m in Venezuela. 15 years ago, because of work, I was able to stay in the city and found it very charming. A good article to make it known in more detail.


  4. LOL. I can hear you on this point as I’ve certainly been there a few times in my 39 years in the trenches. Your role is a difficult one but sooooo needed as you well know. Most often the person you are trying to help doesn’t always see the full picture and therein lies the battle. You are well grounded though and I can perceive your toolbox is well stocked. Just persevere a little longer and before you know you’ll be looking back with a smile no one will be able to remove.

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  5. lol – perseverance is holding out still, patience is wearing thin in more than a few arenas. 🙂

    25 years is a long time to work for change in a field and see relatively little in ways I believe would truly make a difference. I’ve “upped my game” a bit toward those are Mental Health unaware and those who are judgmental, reserving my patience for those who are struggling.

    I hope your “soon” turns out to be prescient — I’m so ready.

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  6. Okay, we’ll keep going. Your turn is coming soon and our hopes are things “go very well” for you. Patience and perseverance which are traits you certainly have as evidenced by your gifts for helping others.

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  7. Having spent several decades in Manhattan compared to only a composite few weeks upstate (and none in Rochester), I am greatly looking forward to seeing it through your eyes.

    Having a copacetic traveling companion has always made everything twice the delight to me. I always want someone to “look over there” when I point, and to point things out to me. I think the post-trip travel stories are more fun coming from two perspectives as well, even when both like much the same things, but especially when tastes differ.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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  8. My wife and I have had this same conversation. We have so many great attractions and so much history right in our backyard, but for whatever reason, vacation means traveling outside our state. We plan to explore more of our ‘backyard’ this year.

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  9. The importance of the back yard cannot be stressed enough! I am lucky enough to live on a swamp with neighbors two lots away but no one else (although the swamp and woods are for sale now). Sometimes I get bored and once heard myself say I’ve written every poem my mind can possible conjure and there is nothing more to write! Somehow, something eventually pops up. So it will be with lots of interest that I read about your Rochester backyard! Thanks for the great blog you guys produce…

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  10. The bike path is brand new with 2 lanes and a separate lane for walking/running. The hiking path is huge and open with the view of the city once you reach the top. I wish there were more trees but another hiking path which is 7 miles away has lots of trees which I love. I noticed that when I travel mostly, people are nice as well. Maybe it’s a shared enthusiasm.

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  11. So true Bel. We are so guilty of this too. Re-discovering our own back yard is fun. We sometimes comment how much more friendly people seem to be in other areas without realizing they may just be picking up on our enthusiasm of discovering their area. So we are trying to bring that enthusiasm back home. What’s the path like near your home, wooded, open, serene?

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  12. I know the feeling. Sometimes in my hurry to just get away and travel I forget to appreciate the lovely hikes in the hills a few blocks from where I live or the amazing bike path that is completely separated from the road. It’s great to be able to appreciate what we have in front of us and not take it for granted.

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