Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard part 11 of 14

You came back, yippeeee!  It’s nice to see you following along with our journey around our hometown, Rochester, NY part 11.

Letchworth State Park, Mt. Morris, NY.

Today is a special one that many have heard about. Some called it the Grand Canyon of the east.  Its real name is Letchworth State Park.  Letchworth State Park is located 35 miles south/west of Rochester in-between Mt Morris, Perry, Castile and Nunda and spans across Wyoming and Livingston counties.  It has 3 popular falls (Lower, Middle and Upper Genesee Falls), several larger drops into the canyon and numerous smaller cascades throughout the park.  Letchworth features the state’s highest plunging waterfall: Inspiration Falls, which is seasonal, and only flows during heavy rain.  This one will cost you 8 bucks but we feel its truly worth it but if you go during the winter and early spring the collection stations may not be manned and entry is free.

We hope you enjoy the pictures and videos of this magnificent place.  Did you know that if you click on a photograph it will expand to full screen and you can view them in full splendor as a slideshow?

Letchworth State Park, Middle Falls on the Genesee  River, Castile, NY.

Some interesting tidbits about Rochester and the area are,

  • The first dentist’s chair was designed in Rochester.
  • The first gold tooth was made by a Rochester dentist.
  • In 1889, the voting machine was invented in Rochester.

If you missed one of the previous parts just hover your cursor over one of these series on “Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard part 1”, “Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard part 2”, “Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard part 3”, “Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard part 4”, “Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard part 5”, “Rochester, NY – Our Back Yard part 6”, “Rochester, NY – Our Back Yard part 7”, “Rochester, NY – Our Back Yard part 8”, “Rochester, NY – Our Back Yard part 9” or “Rochester, NY – Our Back Yard part 10”  and you’ll be up to speed.  Please remember if you get lost just click on the “USA Through Our Eyes” heading and you will be brought back to the home page.

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67 thoughts on “Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard part 11 of 14

  1. This is so nice to hear. We for sure are learning and have so much more too learn. Its all a process and we love processes. Where we came from, where we are and where God knows we’ll go. Fun. We’ll have a lot to talk about someday.

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  2. I thought I’d kept up – but apparently NOT. I can’t believe I missed this one. The photos and video are truly gorgeous – but man-o-man does it look c-c-c-cold. Great to feel a bit of teeth chatter when it is now so hot outside, however.

    And speaking of teeth – who knew Rochester had such innovative dentists – lol. Thanks always for sharing your journeys.

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  3. I knew there is a Livingston County, New Jersey since, every time I Google something in Livingston County it suggests THAT Livingston County. But I didn’t know there was one in New York. But, I have to admit, yours seems much prettier!


  4. Interesting that it was so cold. It’s breathtaking – the images. I love hearing that you like my seeing your blog through my eyes. It’s like USA through your eyes through my eyes! 🙂 (mathematician humor)

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  5. Yes the snow seems to add that touch of reality to the scenes. It was a cold one that day for sure. We are pleased you like the hint. We didn’t know about it till months in to this new world of blogging and learned it from another person. Makes a nice difference when viewing the images. We so enjoy your comments in helping us look at our site. Its like not remembering ones home phone number because we never call it, lol.

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  6. The snow makes it look even more amazing! And I love your hint: “Did you know that if you click on a photograph it will expand to full screen and you can view them in full splendor as a slideshow?”

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  7. I enjoy travelling through you as well. Maybe we do not get to go everywhere, right? The tingling fingers, red noses and cold ears if followed up by appropriate warming techniques like cocoa and coffee is quite a rum feeling 🙂

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  8. Yes, it was so sad to see happen. Rochester was on the map because of Kodak. They claim there world headquarters are still here on Lake Ave near where we shot these photos but when you drive by you just know the bldg. is about vacant. They have sold off most of their plants.


  9. Yes, there were a couple moments when our fingers were tingling from the cold. These camera buttons are to small to wear gloves when shooting, lol. You were so right about the hot cocoa. When we got back it was fun sipping the cocoa and going through the shots. We are so glad you came by to see the post and keep us encouraged.

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  10. Thank yo so much Aya for your words of encouragement. This is great knowing you traversed the same landscape in time past. Isn’t it just beautiful. We are learning that every state seems to have a mini version of the Grand Canyon. You need to bring your campervan, Lucille this way and park awhile, lol.

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  11. M, this is great that you were once there. And to know you were on top that trestle is amazing. That had to have been an adrenalin rush seeing that train coming at you. It had been awhile since being there but it renewed the desire to return more often. So many hiking trails. So pleased you checked in with us and shared your experiences there.


  12. Sheldon is right on the money (pun intended). Rochester was a booming town with Kodak, Xerox, Bauch and Lomb and other thriving industries. There was lots of “old” money with the Sibley and McCurdy’s amoung the many. Then Kodak missed the wave when they stayed with film and everyone went digital. They never recovered. Rochester like so many cities are slowly finding their way back and we are hopeful. So glad to hear from you.

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  13. Nice seeing it in the snow. AND THE WATERFALS REALLY impress with the video clip. I’ve been there in summer, passing through, and duly impressed. In fact I walked partially across that RR bridge, exitiing quickly as a train approached. Thanks for the views, as usual. M 🙂

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  14. Just beautiful! Letchworth is one place I’ve visited, although as a baby so I have no memory of it. But I’ve seen pictures and this state park looks amazing! You’ve done such a nice job showing it in all its winter glory.

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  15. Rochester has a fair share of inventors hey! 🙂 But what a view you had on this walk. Fantastic shots. I could imagine the joy of getting back home cold and exhilarated. Then whisking up a cup of cocoa, ah.

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  16. Wow Gabe this is so nice of you. We can’t wait to view it. Romania, wow what a dream place of ours to visit. We know your excellent character Gabe and your best efforts are ALWAYS a cut above the rest….

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  17. Beautiful Tom and Audrey! Spring has made its presence known here in Romania. Loved the visual reprieve since I’m a big winter fan. However, this looked cold, even by my standards. Hope you bundled up!

    Would you mind if I tried to sketch the first image? I’ll email you my best effort, and if we agree it’s worthy of sharing, I’ll include it in an upcoming post along with a link back here so everyone can see what the real thing looks like.

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