Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard Part 3 of 14

Clarendon Waterfall, Clarendon, NY.

Okay I must admit, parts 1 and 2 contained a lot of details which many probably knew or perhaps may not have or perhaps didn’t want to know, lol.  But in the framework of things we first had to describe where Rochester is before getting more in-depth to its many known and unknown treasures.  Just click on “Rochester, NY – Our Back Yard Part 1” or “Rochester, NY – Our Back Yard Part 2” if you didn’t have time to look at them before and you’ll be up to speed.  Please remember that if you get lost at any time just click on the “USA Through Our Eyes” heading and you will be brought back to the home page.

Our first little gem we wanted to share is a little waterfall known Clarendon Falls situated in the hamlet of Clarendon, NY.  Clarendon is a town in Orleans County, New York, United States. The population was 3,648 at the 2010 census. The name is derived from Clarendon, Vermont.  The Town of Clarendon is in the southeast part of the county. New York State Route 31A and New York State Route 237 intersect in the town.  The Clarendon Falls is a 25 foot cascade; lit by a single lamp at night.  The town was first settled circa 1811. The Town of Clarendon was created in 1820, before Orleans County was established. It was originally known as “Farwell’s Mills,” a name derived from one of the first settlers, who arrived in 1810. Clarendon was once noted for its quarries and cement plants.  In late 2006, a stone church was demolished, for unknown reasons, that was built circa 1830 and served the community until 1980 when the church’s contents were sold off. The church was a landmark for Clarendon for many years. The present owner of the property where the church once stood has retained the original bell which was manufactured in Troy, New York by the Meneely Bell Company.

Hopefully the pictures and video of Clarendon Falls will allow you to feel the joy we experienced.

Here is a little video of the Clarendon, NY waterfall.

Here is a bit of trivia about Rochester, NY and the region,

  • It is named after the city’s founder Colonial Nathaniel Rochester when it only had a population of 15.
  • Rochester Institute of technology once had a real Bengal tiger as their mascot. He was named Spirit and roamed campus on a regular basis.

Don’t forget to check out Audrey at Audrey Horn Photo.


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51 thoughts on “Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard Part 3 of 14

  1. These are such stunning photos and beautiful words. There’s something very special about waterfalls though I’ve rarely seen them in this type of scene. Lovely.

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  2. Those scrapbooks are priceless endeavors of Madelyn growing strong and treasures to be held dear. You will be in our prayers Madelyn and we know for fact God answers knee-mails. You will be, as you always are, prepared and you’ll be rested as you wake to meet the appointment that will end wonderfully.


  3. Many scrapbooks – many more memories undocumented – and a few awards – all keep me company as I keep on keeping on.

    Pray that all goes calmly and ends well for me between now and Friday night – personal problem I’m dealing with and asking for prayers from all who pray. Pray that I am able to prepare what I must, and especially that God helps me remain awake all night Thurs. to make sure I don’t miss a VERY important appointment for which I must leave extremely early Friday morning – and that my brain remains sharp enough to handle what I must for the remainder of the day. I cannot even take a chance on missing it – since I do not wake reliably to sound, I dare not sleep.



  4. I can only imagine how brutal it is and willing to bet its even more then my imagination can conjure up. There has to be a steep price and one that I am sure you could validate. You made it out alive though and you are right about Him having another plan for you. He’s got you right where you are suppose to be otherwise you would not have the energies and gifts of helping others that you have!!! Hopefully you have a scrap book filled with those memories of days gone bye? Isn’t it fun and sometimes scary tripping down that road of the past, gung.

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  5. Yep – trod the boards and loved every single minute. Had I moved to NYC much younger I might have been able to stay in the field, even today. Sho-biz is not kind to women over 30, so if you’re not a “name” before then, you pretty much struggle to make a living. I would have LOVED to remain in theatre – but God had other plans for me, it seems.

    My life is actually pretty much an open book, not a secret at all, but my past “lives” are not really relevant to what I am doing now, so I don’t disclose on my blog, except occasionally in comments. I seem to recall listing many of those early accomplishments on my LinkedIn profile – *many* years ago – but I stopped engaging on that platform shortly after I figured out it was little more than an e-glut generator.

    A great many of my Facebook friends shared the stage with me. I wasn’t planning on opening my domain to any but friends and family, but the ADD field found me before I could set up a “biz” page, and the rest is history.

    Some day I may find the time to figure out how to get the many show-pics and reviews that line my hallway into a format I can put in an array over there. I believe there are some already, simply because I have been “tagged” in photos others have put online. I do still keep in distant contact with almost all who started out with me – and will always consider them among my closest friends – even though I don’t have much time AT ALL for Facebook anymore, sadly, and already spend way too much time in front of a computer screen.

    I use the metaphor of standing in skills lines before we are sent down from heaven – like registration for classes in college before the process became automated and online. With that in mind, I think you kept going back to the “endorsement” line – you are wonderful at that, and I so appreciate it. I’m sure nobody gets enough endorsement.

    NOW, your turn to share — BOTH of you!!

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  6. Wow Madelyn you made us feel so good knowing the video/sounds of the falls brought you back to a beautiful moment in time. What a story you have… theatre, management, marketing, writing, multiple states….! You have a story to be told! I’m assuming you were one of the actresses? So many glittering facets to your life kept secret. Again, you made our day knowing memories were elicited. It is great how sounds bring us back in time. Deborah Ann Dykeman commented on one of our audio post “soothing sounds of …” brought her back in time when she would be riding with her Dad. These remarks make us feel good. Thank you for your sharing and your great website filled with information for all to glean.


  7. Had to do one more bit of catch-up here before moving on to the tedium of to-dos. Again, the sound of the falls made me want to stay for hours.

    I spent my college summers treading the boards at a UT-owned summer theatre in the Smokies (Gatlinburg – not far from the main campus in Knoxville). The theatre had a prior life as the Chucky Jack, and was the generous gift of the Maples family. Sports-obsessed UT undervalued the gift and allowed it to fall into disrepair in favor of funding the football team. They eventually sold the theatre out from under those of us who were mobilizing to buy it an run it, an action for which I will never forgive them. (No surprise, a sports complex now occupies the site).

    Back in its glory days, we always rotated 3 shows, 2 in addition to the popular Dark of the Moon. Once all three shows had opened, other than marketing duties, etc. and part-time jobs for pay in town, we had a lot of free time during the day. The cast spent many a break at a place we dubbed “The Rocks” on the Little River (more like a wide stream where we went – and the water coming off the mountains was always frigid!). An outcropping of large rocks allowed me to sit and listen to the sound of the water for what seemed like hours.

    The background sound in the video brought me right back to those memories – especially since the nature surrounds were similar. So grateful.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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  8. Thank you so much. It is just a little tiny falls but has so much character. One of those little nuggets that often are passed by. It is fun to just sit there sometimes in the evening and listen to the falls pounding down. Lets one get lost in the moment.

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  9. Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 I always appreciate, enjoy and learn when we talk. Yes the world looks a lot better now that I submitted to Him, instead of always being hard headed 🙂

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  10. Its funny Theresa how we stumbled on it. We’ve been in and out of Rochester at different times in our life and never heard of these areas. We always did the typical “google” searches but they never showed up. We always drive the back roads in life because that seems to be where real America exist. Then, there is was just eye shot off the road. In all our times there we’ve rarely encountered others relaxing to the sounds and sights of it. So, its fun when we hear you want to know more and sharing takes place.

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  11. Thank you so much Gabe for your positive feedback so we can grow and learn on this journey we are all on. We know how important your blog is to our daily routine because it lifts, teaches and is personal. Stay safe on those trails and keep looking up.

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  12. I really enjoy the fact that you give an orientation to your posts and easy access to relevant background information before jumping into the meat of the story. As my morning WordPress reader routine becomes more full, its posts like these that make it all the more enjoyable. So thank you for this.

    Waterfalls and cascades became one of our favorite side trips while hiking the Appalachian Trail. Something about them is so peaceful yet lively. I miss this. But the photos you shared here, and surrounded by a dusting of snow, briefly brought me back. Thank you.

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  13. What a beautiful spot Clarendon Falls is! Especially when everything is covered in snow. Love, love waterfalls. You definitely know your history, so interesting how there’s always a background and story behind a place. Nice job!

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