Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard part 4 of 14

Holley Water Fall, Holley, NY

It is so nice to see you back again for part 4 of our tour of Rochester, NY.  If you missed one of the previous parts just hover over and click on “Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard part 1, Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard part 2 or Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard part 3” and you’ll be up to speed.  Please remember if you get lost just click on the “USA Through Our Eyes” heading and you will be brought back to the home page.

Our travels this week took us back to Holley, NY to Holley Falls located West of Rochester. It is not far from the Clarendon Falls we shared with you February 25th.  Holley is a village in the town of Murray in Orleans County, New York, United States. The population was 1,811 at the 2010 census.  It is part of the Rochester Metropolitan Statistical Area.  The village of Holley was incorporated in 1850. Originally named “Saltport”, the name was changed to honor Myron Holley, a commissioner of the Erie Canal.  The village of Holley had, since 2007, hosted an annual “Hazzard County Squirrel Slam,” a squirrel hunt that raised funds for the village’s fire department. The event went off without incident for six consecutive years until the 2013 edition drew the sudden ire of a coalition of wildlife rehabilitators, animal rights activists and gun control advocates.  The squirrels are still being sought after for their meat (taste like chicken) and pelts but Holley no longer calls their festivity by the same name.

To get to Holley Falls just take interstate 490 west to route 531 and follow that for 8 miles until it ends in Brockport. Continue route 31 west for 6 miles and follow it as it turns north, then west, then north again leading into the village of Holley. Holley Falls is one major waterfall, which is a 35-foot classic cascade over red Medina Sandstone and surrounded on each side by lush wooded landscape. Just above it is a split in the waterway that yields a few small drops.  This place is truly a gem that few know about or if they do don’t make the time to see it.  You probably already know but if you click on any of these photos you will be able to view them full screen as a slideshow.  Enjoy.

Here is a little video of the Holley Waterfall, Holley, NY.

Here is a bit more trivia about Rochester, NY and the region,

  • Captain America wouldn’t be around if not for Rochester native Joe Simon. Joseph Henry “Joe” Simon was an American comic book writer, artist, editor, and publisher. Simon created or co-created many important characters in the 1930s–1940s Golden Age of Comic Books and was born in Rochester, NY.
  • The Pledge of Allegiance was written by native Francis Bellamy.

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51 thoughts on “Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard part 4 of 14

  1. Thank you Prajakta. There are days I’d like to pack up a box full of it so when I do I now know where to send it, lol. It is pretty but sometimes it last a bit long. I take it snow is not part of the India climate.


  2. Isn’t it something. We had guinea pigs up until a couple years ago and they were so cute to play with. Oh well as our cultures across the world connect more and more so will our food likes. Its like in the south here folks like alligator. I just can’t do it. Oh well to each their own. Diversity is good…. I guess, lol.

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  3. Thank you Bel. We have some more coming up that are incredible. Discovered them by fluke and got more then just pictures and video of the falls but also a story of a man that lives next to the falls with life adventures that books are made from. Stay tuned…. please.

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  4. Hi Theresa. Thank you for this encouragement. During our trek to the Corbetts Glen Falls we met a gentleman that lives just a stones throw from the falls who in fact encouraged the town to build the site into a park. Well anyway, as usually happens, we said hello and the next thing you know he was sharing his wonderful, rich story. We spend nearly 3 hours with him capturing the conversation on recorder and camera. We are in the process of writing the story now. We cannot begin to express how fascinating this man is. To give a tease a bit, he kept saying “I’m just a piano tuner”. Well, let me say his humility is genuine but his story is one books are written about. Stay tuned for it… please.

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  5. I so enjoy watching squirrels scurrying around in the trees. They are amusing creatures. Many restaurants and families have for some reason begun making them part of their cuisine? We personally wouldn’t choose it but…

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  6. the video really brought home the beauty! never heard of this area… and i need to explore the first three posts for Rochester here… and who knew??? Captain America creator was from this area…. when i was in SC last year, I interviewed a man who worked for Kodak two different times

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