The Adventure Begins! ~ Tom~

Tom & Audrey sipping coffee with EmmaHello.  Here we sit at “Crystal Rock Campground” in Sandusky Ohio sipping our cup of coffee and enjoying a cool breeze blowing.  I cannot believe the peaceful night’s sleep. Snuggled in our 6-person tent, us in our sleeping bags and Emma in hers.  The only sounds were those of the crickets and cicadas.  We were exhausted from our trek which as you know began yesterday.  It was amazing to feel the freedom of being on the road enjoying the sights, sounds and smells.  If you click on over to our “Photos” section, you’ll get an idea of some of the moments in time we were able to capture.  We were able to have an awesome conversation with Joe and George about the area and their hobby, “kite surfing” while we watched his wife Debbie in action.  You’ll have to sign on to USA Through Our Eyes in the future to see the short video of some kite surfing.  From there we move further west along route 20 where we enjoyed a great picnic lunch at Perry Township Park.  It was interesting to eat while overlooking Lake Erie and in the background having the Perry Nuclear Power Plant casting huge plumes from their stacks.  We laugh at how we planned on spending the night at another campground however just before calling to make reservations Audrey checked the website one more time only to learn that they were not pet friendly.  When she mentioned it Emma right away looked at us as if wondering if she would have to dress in camouflage to get in, lol. It gets right back to the point about if ya wanna make God laugh, make plans.  Anyway Audrey quickly found this campground and what a great place.  It’s now 8:00 a.m. and what a laugh to be sitting at a picnic table in our campsite with our laptops and cell phones journaling and blogging.

 When camping you meet the greatest people.  As we were sipping and typing a young lady walked by with her German Shepherd and all it took was a hello and the next thing you know me made some new friends.  Dani Morr is the mom, two of her sons, Cooper and Eli, Trent the dad and don’t forget their beautiful German Shepherd Brodie.  We chatted about this, that and the other thing and learned about some great places to visit as we pass through Michigan.  We can’t wait to head to the places they recommended and show you the images.  You’ll also have to tune in latter to our site to learn more about our conversation with this awesome family.  

 I gotta note that this campground, “Crystal Rock”, is awesome.  Because we were running a little late sipping our coffee and updating you’all I went to the office to ask if we could stay a little longer then the 11:00 a.m. checkout.  This is when I met the owners, Judy Terry and Tom Bauman.  What an awesome couple and sooooo friendly.  If you are ever passing through this area please consider this place as a stopover, you won’t regret it.

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