The Journey to Florida has begun – day 1

Home to Silver Canoe Campground, Rural City, PA.

Day 1, Wow, what a day.  We were up late Friday night with Alex and his bride to be, Brit, for some pizza, wings and great fellowship.  We both woke Saturday morning at 4 a.m. with the excitement of leaving on another journey.  After waking slowly to a couple cups of coffee and some cinnamon buns, it was time to get the show on the road.  The temperature outside was a brisk 26° and the snow was steadily coming down continuing to add to the 6 – 8 inches that fell the night before.  It only took about an hour to load the van and while Audrey was putting things away I began cleaning the snow off some of our senior friend’s cars.  Then we checked the list and were on the road at 9 a.m.  The snow plows had made some cursory attempts in clearing the roads but there was still quite a bit on them making it a bit dicey.  The route we chose took us on mostly secondary roads with some great scenery.  Houses along the way were decorated for Christmas and there were people out shoveling, snow plowing or snow blowing.  As we drove the temps were all over the gauge.  At one point, it reached a balmy 45°. As we neared PA though it started staying a consistent 32° and there was this sheen suggesting we needed to be aware of “black ice”.  It was when we reached Kane, PA and stopped in a park to walk and play with Emma that we realized our destination of Morgantown wasn’t gonna happen.  Remember the old saying “If ya wanna make God laugh just make plans” well it came true again.   So we checked our handy “RV Parks” app and discovered that only minutes away in Rural City, PA was “The Silver Canoe Campground”.  We had called ahead and when we got there they had a spot all plowed out for us.  This place is great and the staff so friendly and campsites and bathhouse immaculate.  Before we knew it, we were in at our campsite, plugged in and the propane on.  Ahhhh it felt so nice to relax to some cheese and crackers before dinner and to settle in to talk about the day’s events and places we had been.  We gotta laugh though.  When we went to bed everything was coated with a hefty amount of snow and ice.  When we woke everything had melted from the rain during the night and the temp was a warm 40°‘s.  What a difference a day will make.


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