Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard, Part 5 of 14

It is so nice to see you back again for part 5 of our tour of Rochester, NY.  If you missed one of the previous parts just hover over and click on “Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard part 1, Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard part 2, Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard part 3” or Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard part 4 and you’ll be up to speed.  Please remember if you get lost just click on the “USA Through Our Eyes” heading and you will be brought back to the home page.

Black Creek Park, West Chili, NY.

We woke at 6:00 a.m. to a beautiful foggy morning as the sun was attempting to pierce the mist of this about to be glorious day.  As we sipped our coffee the serenity of the morning kept calling for us to grab our cameras and head out.  Heeding the call we made our destination Black Creek Park.

This park is cited as being still relatively undeveloped sitting on 1,505-acres offering five hiking trails, all of which are excellent settings to view the flora and fauna of the region.  As the three of us walked the trails, first along the Black Creek then through the woods and fields the foggy mist clung to the ground creating an almost dreamlike ethereal Eden. What a way to start the day.

From here we headed back home for a cup of coffee, breakfast and figure out what we wanted to do next.  It was a balmy 55 degrees out and the spring like conditions offered a welcomed reprieve from the 25 degree temps just a week or so ago.

We hope you enjoy the pictures and videos of this magnificent place.  Did you know that if you click on a photograph it will expand to full screen and you can view them in full splendor as a slideshow.

A foggy morning in Black Creek Park.

  • The inventor of breakfast cereal, James Caleb Jackson, is from the Rochester area. His masterpiece was called Granula and it had to be soaked overnight to be eaten.
  • There’s a potential $25 fine for flirting anywhere in the state, including Rochester.
  • Rochester has the highest deaf population per capita in the nation, largely because they’re home to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.

Don’t forget to check out Audrey at Audrey Horn Photo.


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57 thoughts on “Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard, Part 5 of 14

  1. ha! that is such a nice skill to have.
    I have forgotten many of the gestures, but I know the alphabet and it is cool how you can spell out so much.
    I went to a camp as a child that had some deaf kids and se we learned a lot of signing. Now in hindsight I see that I learned more – I learned about disabilities and being one.

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  2. I loved the foggy video – there is something dream-like about the mist. The final shot looks as if the fog was burning away, and was quite startling in contrast to the earlier views. Thanks for your frequent reminder to expand the stills, btw. It makes a HUGE difference.

    There are a lot of bizarre laws still on the books. In NYC there is one that has to do with using hitching posts to secure your horse. I doubt they’ve removed it since I left Manhattan, but I’ll bet they don’t have to enforce it often.

    Fun to take a break to catch up here — I’ll be back before too much time has passed.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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  3. Oh, no there have been no movies released with that name that we are aware of. We did recently submit a video to a film festival though. Perhaps in the future we’ll produce one about Black Creek and note you in the credits, lol.

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  4. We don’t have any video yet on Black Creek but you have given us a great idea to do some. We’ve been there early morning and there is so much wildlife to video so we’ll have to do it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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  5. This is awesome. Both places are beautiful. I’ve only been through Rhinebeck but not long enough to experience the area. Now Geneseo is another story. I’ve explored that area with passion and in fact not to long from now we’ll be going there to explore and share. It’ll be fun if we bring back memories for you.

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  6. Thank goodness we haven’t been fined YET, maybe cuz of the granola stuck in our teeth, lol. VERY large deaf population and we meet up with them everywhere. I love the language and have been studying it for some time now. Came in useful when we were out west when we met a deaf woman gleaning pinecones to sell to the Natl. Forest Commission. She lit up when I started signing with her. What a treat for us.

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  7. fine for flirting, huh?
    and I bet that soaked granola was extra nutritious….

    and the deaf population – do they travel into the area or are they from the area? just curious

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  8. My former service dog was partially food motivated but he really just enjoyed the work. The new kid is on a strictly quid pro quo system!


  9. LOL. This is great. Food is one of the best motivators to have things accomplished. I believe this goes way back in time when people bartered good meals for services. I know for a plate of cookies I’ll do just about anything, lol.

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  10. My family used to tease me that I’d bake when I knew repair men were coming. But when repair men started doing things off the books and fighting to be the ones who came to the house, my family decided I wasn’t crazy after all!

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  11. Thank you for your kind words that keep us encouraged. The pic never seem to capture what the eyes see which can be frustrating at times, lol. We are so glad you enjoyed them. We have some great ones coming up of the different falls we have been visiting.

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  12. Our youngest son’s best friend says I “mama flirt” which he explained means I would happily adopt someone and feed them for the next few decades. I can live with that!


  13. Beautiful pictures and I love that there’s a fine for flirting. I’d have to bring tons of cash as I’ve been told I have a “flirty personality” which, in a woman my age is just awful!

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  14. There is something dreamy in the setting of the first 2 pictures. I would love to make a movie out of that – it could be anything from adventure to thriller! And when you say there’s a fine for “flirting” did I read that wrong?? I mean that seems like a weird law….

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