Our First Anniversary Blogging and Traveling ~ Part 4 0f 8 ~

Hello and welcome back for part 4 of this 8 part review of our first-year anniversary of travel and blogging.

Life as we all learn is a participatory journey encompassing many ups, downs and all arounds. It is one that begins solo, may remain solo or may evolve into one shared with someone or with many then ultimately ending as it began, solo. In our previous post you may have clicked on the links which entail how the three of us became a family thus following this basic pattern.

One of the many lessons we learned this first year is be flexible! Just when you think you have a great plan take a deep breath because chances are it is going to change. Goals may not change but the plans for achieving those goals, in most cases, likely will. This became evident to us as we moved forward to this present time and, if you go back over some of our earlier posts, it will be even more obvious. Change is inevitable and will make itself known when you least expect it or want it to.

We hope you return to see more of our year in review.



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