Maiden Voyage to Old Forge Camping Resort, Old Forge, NY ~ By Tom ~

Good morning.  I hope this post finds you all well.  Okay, we left off having our 2 hour tutorial on the 1001 things this van has and a satchel full of manuals.  Don’t get me wrong Ron did a fantastic job showing us the basic and advanced things we needed to know but the human mind can only remember so much (or at least ours is only able too).  The time arrived and we were off on our maiden voyage with grins from ear to ear.  We had decided the place we wanted to test out our new home on wheels was the Old Forge Camping Resort in Old Forge, NY.   There are not many campgrounds in NYS that are open year-round but this one is premier.  The trip into the Adirondack park was awesome via the meandering roadways Syracuse on up through routes 12 to 28.    What a campground to choose as a place to cut our teeth.  The place was immaculate with a little store, propane fill station, water, electric, clean rest rooms and acres of trails and beautiful scenery all topped off by friendly staff.  We backed into our spot 10 feet from the shore line of Serenity Lake, plugged “Daisy” in and went inside to flip the switches to fire up our home on wheels.  Ahhhh, how come things arent’ working.  We looked at each other and the expression on our faces must have been priceless.  We thought we had listened intently on how to electrify the camper but I guess through our excitement we missed a couple steps (or three), lol.  Thank God we had a cell phone signal so we dialed up Ron.  Sure enough Ron was there and walked us patiently through the steps to get the heat going.  Now it was kick back and relax time and that we did.  We spent 3 days reading manuals, laughing, walking, relaxing and learning how to work all the gidgets and gadgets.   Joy, joy, joy as we continue our adventures in camping in a new way.       



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