Still Camping but the Shelter Is About to Change (part 2).~ By Tom ~

Hello again!  I hope you are doing well this morning.  Let me see… I left off yesterday with the seed maturing.  Well, it matured alright.  Within two weeks are research led us to the dream of purchasing a class “B” motorhome which is really a van that is a motor home but really a van.  We located one in Kirkville, NY at Seven O’s .  So we decided we would head over and check it out.  Little did we both know how it would turn out.  We called ahead and spoke with Ron and let him know we would be getting there sometime around noon.  After all we didn’t want to seem overly excited, yeah right.  Well we were up early and off we went.  We sat in van and within minutes looked at each other and knew we wanted to inch forward in the dream.  The next thing you know we were in Ron’s office and he left us there a moment and returned with a bottom line price neither of us could believe.  To back up a moment I need to note that Audrey and I had talked about how we would approach this moment and agreed we would look at each other and subtly gesture with our eyes and or head movement if we were in agreement.  Well, when Ron returned to let us know what deal he could offer I looked at Audrey and she had this blank expression on her face.  I kept squinting at her for a sign if she liked the deal but her expression didn’t change.  Latter she remarked she was in shock at the price Ron quoted because it was so fantastic and was expressionless.  Needless to say we completed the paperwork and Ron finished with “how does next Friday sound to pick it up”.  We both smiled and said great.  That was it.  A week later we showed up for our tutorial on everything you wanted to know about a 2012 Roadtrek 190 versatile.  Wow! Wow! This thing is incredible: captain chairs that swivel, stove, microwave, refrigerator, toilet, shower, stove, tv, surround sound, stereo, DVR player, heater/ac, plenty of storage inside and more underneath all packed on a V-8 – Chevy van chassis.  This thing rocks.  Folks if you are interested in a place to shop for a camper of any sort you need to call Ron at Seven O’s.  You won’t be sorry. 


Well, we’re going to sign off for now because you got to get going and so do we.  I hope you’ll sign on tomorrow to hear about our maiden voyage with our new wheels.  I think it will make you chuckle a bit.  Have a great day.


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8 thoughts on “Still Camping but the Shelter Is About to Change (part 2).~ By Tom ~

  1. It is an awesome way to explore. When tenting or searching for a place to stay the mood was interfered with because we had to find a place. Now, where ever we are so is our home which we have affectionately nicknamed “daisy”.

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  2. I love the new van! And this is my preferred way to travel too because while most hotels are “ok” – it is always better to have your own space and your own sheets!
    I think you both are going to have many good times in this baby – and how cool to get a great deal too!
    Have a great day and ttys

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