Our First Anniversary Blogging and Traveling ~ Part 5 of 8 ~

Hello and welcome back for part 5 of this 8 part review of our first-year anniversary of travel and blogging.

Now for you experienced road travelers, what we’re about to share will be old news and probably leave you rolling on the floor with memories of your first long term road trip. Most of you considering your first extended journey may do just as we did and say, “we know what we’re doing”. For the latter group we smile.

We read numerous articles by experienced road travelers. We thought for sure we knew better and ignored much of their advice as we stuffed everything and then some into our Toyota Camry leaving just enough room for the three of us. What they stated, “don’t do”, we did and everything they stated “do”, we didn’t. Some examples are; don’t take 7 full changes of clothing, a full set of pots and pans (no matter how neatly they nest together), a full set of spices, a year’s supply of batteries, two lanterns, all the books you ever wanted to read, enough disposable propane tanks to fuel a small village, every snack food you ever loved or may think you might love especially because they were on sale, all the dog’s toys, pet bed and grooming items to make it happy, and by all means – leave the huge cooler home.

Mind you this is only based on our experience. We forgot to keep in mind we were not going into the jungle for a month. We were going on the road where just about every town has a store where groceries and supplies can be purchased. Now one things we do suggest bringing is an appropriate tent and sleeping bags for the conditions and by all means, duct tape.

The reason we say “appropriate” tent is because we got a great end of summer deal on a tent not thinking we were heading out west where it snows in some of the higher elevations in September (which it did by the way). We’ll never forget, only a few days into the journey going to bed cold and waking up freezing at Swan Lake Campground  stepping outside the tent in sandals at 5:30 a.m. to make a fresh pot of camp coffee. While standing in a puddle of near frozen water and teeth chattering a question begging to be answered rose as to what in blessed tarnation were we doing. I mean it was so chilly Emma wouldn’t even leave her bed to come outside. The question became more of a choice in that we could have been home having slept in a warm bed and waking to coffee already perked thanks to the automatic timer. Then it struck like a bolt of lightning! Yes, we could be home with all that but we would be missing the beauty of seeing the sunrise and its beams of light streaming through the mist reflecting off the landscape and feeling the cool breeze while hearing the glorious sounds of the morning. That moment was cataclysmic because it was a realization that like all of life’s moments, it’s all about attitude determining altitude. The smile upon our faces was etched in our thoughts as a reminder to embrace each moment when life’s challenges arise .

We hope you return to see more of our year in review.

  1. Heide

    So grateful for this “refresher,” because I joined you in mid-journey! I hope it’s wonderful to look back on these early posts and see that the trepidation (and risks) were well worth it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • usathroughoureyes

      Thanks Heide. Its always amazing to look back and see where we’ve come from and re-think where we’re going. We have some hardy laughs at our past blog post. Its great having you still with us!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Heide

        Isn’t it incredible sometimes to look back and realize how much you’ve learned in just a few months? And how many places you’ve seen, and wonderful people you’ve met too. So glad to hear that Emma is still loving her life on the road — and I can’t wait to see your latest posts and catch up.

        Liked by 1 person

      • usathroughoureyes

        So truuuueeeeee Heide. We learn so much when we step out into the world with our travels. If one listened to the news only they wouldn’t want to leave home. We always encounter the most incredibly wonderful folks on the road. It is always refreshing to see also that the ones that have the least are the ones that give the MOST. We always walk away filled with joy from our encounters.

        Liked by 1 person

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