Still Camping but the Shelter Is About to Change (part 1). ~ By Tom ~

Hello everyone.  Wow, we have been back 73 days and it seems like only yesterday.  The old time adage is more apparent the ever about “time stands still for no one”.  As we journeyed across the states singles, couples and families we met like Tammy, Darryl and Debbie, Danni and Trent, Rock & Peggy, Will and Lynda and many others truly left an impression on us.  All of us shared the common thread of wanting to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of these great United States.  It was also interesting to see the different ways people were traveling such as automobile, van, motorcycle, motorcycles with a side car, biking and even walking. Then there was the way they were lodging such as tent, hotel/motel, panel van, camper van, pop-up camper, truck camper, motor coach, small travel trailer, big travel trailer, etc.  As you know our desire was to tent camp because both of us enjoy the great outdoors.  We were doing great using this method until we started getting further north west and people we met at the variety of campgrounds would mention “you know they just got 6 inches of snow in Montana, isn’t that where you’re heading”, lol.  Mind you the tent we purchased was a great 6-person spring, summer, fall tent that we could stand up and move around in.  We didn’t think we needed a winter tent given the fact we would be traveling in September and the research we did on weather conditions suggested temps would average 50 by night and 70 by day.  Ahhhh, “average” was the operative word.  The average we experienced was 40 at night and 60’s by day.  Let me share with you… when you wake up to the beautiful sunrise at 6 and the temp is 40 it is a struggle to leave that sleeping bag to make the coffee.  This is why around day 14 we began using hotels.  It was great going getting up to a continental breakfast including 3 different types of coffee.  As we travelled along we would remark about the different campers and we both seemed to like the van style ones for their versatility.  So, the seed was planted and little did we know it would begin to sprout more and more each day.  

Well, I’m gonna leave you for now because I have already prattled along longer then I should have.  I hope you sign on again tomorrow to see how the planted seed sprouted and grew rather quickly.  Have a great day.


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

16 thoughts on “Still Camping but the Shelter Is About to Change (part 1). ~ By Tom ~

  1. Very well said and oh so true! People want sincerity in this world…goodness knows there’s enough insincerity and plain selfishness going on in the world. But the world will always be the world. We are called out of the world to be His examples and light!

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  2. Thank you Steve. There is a special bond that develops as we talk with folks and learn their names and that social intimacy opens so many avenues to share. It really just gets back to the ole Roosevelt quote, “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. Kinda a cornerstone of our ministry.

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  3. That is impressive to remember the names of several people you met on your trips. You are very “social” people! Good for you…


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