Lancaster Pennsylvania Road Trip – 1 of 14

Rochester, NY to Lancaster, PA

Good morning fellow road travelers.  As many of you following along know we have been sharing some of our past posts these last few weeks because we were out on another road trip exploring more of this incredible country we have been blessed to live in.  We are now back and eager to share what we discovered.  This is part 1 of a 14 part series of posts and we hope you are able to follow along with us as we unfold this wonderful experience through words, photos and videos.

It has been said the best things in life sometimes happen spontaneously and we believe there is truth to this.  We are also learning however that planning can further fuel and enhance spontaneous moments by increasing the number of opportunities for them to occur.  We can even step further to suggest having found at least one third of the joy in each of our adventures was in the planning stages including:

  • where do we want to go?
  • what do we want to discover? and
  • what path do we want to take offering the most opportunity for spontaneity?

So, the first stage was where do we want to go?  The plan centered around wanting to explore a small city in one of the 4 States bordering New York offering history, scenery, human interest, uniqueness and reflected the spirit of the great people of these United States. Wow, that could incorporate a lot of places in these neighboring states.  The one state which stood out however was Pennsylvania (PA).

Pennsylvania is 280 miles wide, 160 miles long, mountains galore and comprised of a wonderfully diverse mixture of individuals, occupations, races, religions and political affiliations representing what America is made up of.  Although Swedes and Dutch were the first European settlers in PA, William Penn, a Quaker, named Pennsylvania in honor of his father.  He combined the name “Penn” and the Latin term “Sylvania”, which translates as “woodlands,” to come up with “Penn’s Woodlands.”


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48 thoughts on “Lancaster Pennsylvania Road Trip – 1 of 14

  1. We are glad to have you along. We enjoyed the Mighty Blue podcast you were featured on! Audrey is getting ready to do her annual two weeks on the Appalachian Trail and is looking forward to corresponding with you about the segment she will be doing this time. You are a true veteran having done it 4 times and there isn’t to much you haven’t encountered on the trail that without doubt can help. We still laugh at the piece you did about bears.

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  2. It was a challenge to hike some of Penn along the Appalachian Trail. Will be interesting to travel vicariously with you both from the comfort of my favorite blogging chair this time.

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  3. Hi Anabel. We are glad to be able to showcase Pennsylvania to you. We saw so much there. Its going to be fun seeing your region and learning from you. I spent a month in Ireland a little ways back and that whole area is dear to our heart.

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  4. Interesting that Sylvania means woodlands and was the name of a brand of televisions, one of the things that pulled so many people from enjoying the woodlands. Life is full of ironies isn’t it.

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  5. Thank you J.J.. Yes, all the following post will share the wonderful images, still and video of the adventure. It was truly beautiful in that area with its rolling farm land, hills and the people. It is so nice to have you along with us to share the story.

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  6. A great feeling of freedom in this post. Would love to see some pictures of the scenery. The planning sounds way too exciting. I’m just sitting here wondering how awesome life would be if I was doing the same thing.
    I spend so much time looking at the scenery and getting inspiration. I’m very interested in seeing what you have to post in the 2 part of this series.We are also getting a bit of history here too. Awesome.
    Can we see some pictures in the next part or when you are on the road?Lol. I’m thinking I may have to do a road trip like this at some point in my life now, and I think that point is going to get closer with each post.

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