Lancaster PA Road Trip – 7 of 14

Welcome back everyone to our Lancaster PA road trip part 7 and picking up where we left off last.

After a hearty breakfast we lounged a bit and then we were off to search out several of the covered bridges in Lancaster.  The first one we discovered was Herr’s Mill which has been taken out commission and replaced by a new bridge.  It now sits on a private property campground and the only way to see it was pay $20.00.  We could see it just fine from where we were so decided to keep the money and spend it on some lunch which we were seriously ready for.  Our quest was to find some place unique and before we knew it was as if we went through a time warp and arrived at a place that could right out of the  diners of the 1950’s or 60’s .  The place was Wimpy and Dees’s  in Honey Brooke PA and had the perfect combination of good service, good food and good company.  Our waitress, Darlene, was so friendly.  We had overheard her talking with another customer about her hiking and camping adventures which included the Appalachian Trail and before we knew the stories of the trail began coming out.  She and her husband love travel and she shared some of their funny and scary adventures from the road and on the trails.  One of their adventures in camping involved an area which was noted for its bears .  She said their thoughts were, ah they won’t bother us…. yeah right.  She said it wasn’t long into the evening before the fury creatures decided to check out the campsites and it didn’t take her and her husband long to scurry into the car for a peaceful nights sleep without a bear joining them in their sleeping bag.  In leaving we hugged and knew another wonderful relationship was formed.  Darlene, we know you are following us and we want to say thank you for sharing your stories and life with us.

Don’t forget that if you click on any of these images you’ll be able to see their beauty in full screen mode as a slide show. When you are done viewing it just click on the “x” in the upper right hand corner to return to the post.

Well this is it for today.  If you by chance didn’t see a previous part please click on one of the links below and be whisked directly there,

We hope you are enjoying this series and come back again to see the continuation of our journey and until then please keep looking up.

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54 thoughts on “Lancaster PA Road Trip – 7 of 14

  1. Your words are so kind J.J. and we truly feel the warmth of them. Your thoughts lead us to believe we are on the right path in bringing to light the USA through our eyes. It does feel like we are all becoming family doesn’t it!!! What a family gathering it would be for us all to gather at some point in time. We could probably know each other in the room just from our readings of each others works. We love the pressure, lol. Iron sharpens Iron.

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  2. You are doing a fantastic job.
    I see/feel adventure in the vids, learn a bit of history, all concise and highlighted information and most importantly I feel the love and excitement in all your comments and replies to others. It’s really is a warm welcome and journey. Some may even get the sense of family after reading 3 or 4 of your posts.
    Soon I feel this family will get too big. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us around Christmas (no pressure lol).

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  3. For sure. They can be an ornery animal expecially when they have their young around. We give them wide birth and respect when we see them. If you give them something to smell they are eager to taste it… outside the tent or in it, lol.

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  4. It has been our hope since beginning our travels to hear and gather the stories. Now we are trying to figure out how to share them as concisely as we can yet let their light so shine. Its for sure a work in progress.

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  5. Hah! Too true. I was looking very closely at your photographs, as I have a novel-in-progress that features a diner, which I imagined in just that style. Your photos were much better than ones I viewed elsewhere – close-up and yet still showing the context of it. Thank you!

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  6. The foodie in me wanted to see some food pictures!! But in a way it just enticed me to visit the diner…so colorful and comfortable! 👍


  7. LOL. Its so fun stumbling on these critters showing their stuff to folks. We shared with her your post on attracting bears and its a keeper. Wasn’t that awesome to see momma turtle laying those eggs and then to get the opportunity to see them coming out of the hole and heading for the creek. Who knows maybe its another “animal kingdom” with Marlin Perkins in the making, lol.

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  8. You both certainly have a way of attracting wild animal stories. While I’m sure your friends bear encounter was “memorable,” I still really enjoyed the video of a Snap Turtle making her nest. Thanks for giving me another virtual visit to the great outside!

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  9. Thank you. Yes it was funny as she told it but at the time it must have been scary. I’m getting ready for my annual week long hike on the Appalachian Trail with my brother and sister and it is always a fear because of their ever constant presence. Maybe I can girl to girl talk her into leaving us alone, lol. That’s interesting you don’t have bears there.

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  10. Oh, that story about the bears was very interesting. I don’t think I would like a bear in my sleeping bag either. We don’t have bears in South Africa but I have read that they can be vicious.

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  11. it is so exciting knowing we are sparking some wonderful memories. Shartlesville was just East of where we were. We are heading to SC in a couple days and we’ll be passing that route so we’ll see if we can’t check it out for you.

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  12. On that trip as a kid I told you about, we also stopped in Shartlesville, PA and saw the attraction, Roadside America. I often think of that place, the restaurant where they served ‘country style’ at a very long table with endless food! And the very nice family that owned the motel we stayed at. You keep bringing back some wonderful memories!!

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  13. I love diners like this one – almost like stepping into a movie. I would have loved Darlene too, I’m sure. Even her body language in the photos is interesting (and sassy!) I think you made the right call saving the bridge money to spend on lunch. 🙂
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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