Lancaster PA Road Trip – 10 of 14

Welcome back everyone to our Lancaster PA road trip part 10 and picking up where we left off last.

All through our time in Lancaster the Amish were an ever-constant presence.  It seemed that throughout our goings and comings we were watching them travel about either by horse and buggy, on push scooters, walking and yes even some driving cars.  They were shopping at the grocery stores, using the community banks, and at all the places you and I would go and why not!  They are people. People that have lives with every bit the same amount of good times bad times and everything in between.  They are people trying to survive like the rest of us in a world full of uncertainties.  We discovered the longer we were there the more we seemed to empathize with their everyday walk as well as their perseverance to adhere to their beliefs without expecting others to accommodate them.  One evening we took a walk along the busy roadway near our camp ground.  Wow, were we ever surprised at how uncomfortable it was walking as cars buzzed busily by us.  Then we began to realize the Amish did this day in and day out.  As we sat out on a stoop one day overlooking that same roadway we observed cars passing the Amish even as oncoming cars were approaching.  Our hearts would stop wondering if the next sound would be the screech of tires and screams of someone getting hit.  The Amish didn’t seem to bat an eye rather just kept on going about their business without concern (guess this is faith in action).  A 2013 news article noted the number of crashes between buggies and cars was the highest in 2006.  It involved 78 incidents in PA.

Well this is it for today.  If you by chance didn’t see a previous part please click on one of the links below and be whisked directly there,

Please don’t forget to check out Audrey at Audrey Horn Photo.

We hope to see you soon for more on this series and until then we hope you have a great day and remember to keep looking up!

  1. TheresaBarker

    Those buggy horses look so beautiful. They seem to be well-treated! Do you know if there is any regulation on things like car seats for kids in the buggies? just a random question.

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    • usathroughoureyes

      That’s a great question Theresa about the car seats. We saw so many with young children and none to our recollection had a car seat. We’re going to have to check that out. I know the lights on the buggies is a recent requirement in 2012. PA has a publication on buggies which we are sure is a result of their plenty in that area.

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      • TheresaBarker

        ah, just a random question … people ride horses all the time without much protection, although in the past several years riding helmets seem to be catching on. 🙂

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      • usathroughoureyes

        Yes. Isn’t it so true how it takes us a long time to realize the importance of safety, whether its a helmet, ear protection or seat belts. We reflect back and wish we had paid more attention. Think of the young folks with music blasting in the ear buds.

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  2. Ann McDunn

    Great to see the Amish people, there life is not easy and SpiritualJourney17 has right, the time stood still by them. Maybe there is a little change, and I hope that this people not disown there children when a child will live outside the community.

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  3. Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, MCC, SCAC

    Another fascinating video on another great post. Loved your admiration for “their perseverance to adhere to their beliefs without expecting others to accommodate them” especially. Great model for the rest of us!

    Sometimes I wonder if the advent of “the horseless carriage” marked the beginning of our decline as human beings – lol. Rush, rush, rush – and HONK, get off my road!!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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    • usathroughoureyes

      We watched it years ago and enjoyed to movie. They, surprisingly captured a lot of real life moments of the Amish culture. We hope to return there and shadow a family we met. We think it would be great fun to try and keep up with their lifestyle.

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  4. poeturja

    Wonderful video and compassionate reporting. I remember driving on the Schuylkill Expressway in Philly and sometimes seeing the Amish in their carriages, perhaps going to market, and holding my breath as road-rage drivers whizzed past.

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