Lancaster PA Road Trip – 13 of 14

Welcome back everyone to our Lancaster PA road trip part 13 and picking up where we left off last.

One morning waking here in Lancaster, PA we got up hankering for some hearty breakfast and didn’t have to travel very far.  Once again it was like we had gone through another time warp reappearing circa the diners of the 1950’s or 60’s reminding us of the diner from Happy Days.  Only this  diner was called the Route 30 Diner.  From the minute, we walked in the patrons were smiling a quick to greet us with a smile, warm remark and willingness to describe what they were feasting on.  What a selection of great food, great service and great conversations.  We were so blessed to meet Dave who had been in the food service industry for over 7 years and loved what he did for a living.  We talked about so many interesting topics and shared stories of our frustrations and our dreams but always coming to the bottom line, life surly is full and interesting.  While we were gabbing up a storm we also had the privilege of meeting Austin who was there meeting with a client.  We started talking about the area and well, you know how it goes, one thing leads to another and suddenly, a friendship begins to take place.  We touched on so many wonderful topics. He shared that after many years working in the business world for others he decided to become an independent business man and established “Smartway Marketing“.  It was obvious Austin is a very well versed and grounded man with a keen business sense.  With his business sense he now helps others become independent and successful themselves.  It was also great talking about faith and he had us in tears of laughter and joy as he shared the most wonderful testimony of how he came to know God in such a simple yet profound way.  It is obvious he is basking in the fruits of this faith.  While talking with Austin another couple heard  us talking about the uniqueness of the Route 30 Diner and noted that if we were ever in Herkimer, NY to check out “Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner” for some great food.  It was so nice standing in the middle of this diner as the 5 of us were chatting up a storm as if we had been long lost friends getting together  after  a time away.  Before we knew it, it was time for all of us to get back on with the day, so off we went.

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Well this is it for today.  If you by chance didn’t see a previous part please click on one of the links below and be whisked directly there,

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We hope you return for the last part of this journey and until then have an awesome day and keep looking up.


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33 thoughts on “Lancaster PA Road Trip – 13 of 14

  1. No, never there. Loved the name “Herkimer” and the rocks. Just one of those places would have liked to visit. Wonderful that you’ve actually been there!

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  2. Ah! I wish I could claim this saying! But I think I learned it from someone else. Doing a little Googling, it looks like some say Louis Pasteur (“Chance favors only the prepared mind.”), others say Seneca (“Luck Is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”) But I love that you like it! 🙂

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  3. Awesome Clarissa. You have been to the Herkimer Diamond Mine? We have been there many times and yes it is still there. Still have the faux diamonds in the rock in a box. Its a great day out. Still have family living in that area and attended junior college in Utica. Have you been back to that area recently?

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  4. Wonderful, as always! Oh, if you check out Crazy Otto’s Diner, also see if the Herkimer Diamond mines are still open. When I collected rocks and crystals, I found some nice Herkimer Diamond chips (not really diamonds) that had lovely vibrations 🙂

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  5. We are learning from people commenting about the diners that other countries don’t have this concept. It makes us curious how other countries offer food delights to the communities. Here we seek out the “hole in the wall” diners because we always know we will get good food and good conversations with great people. Of course our cardiologist would like us to be more selective, lol. Glad you joined us for a virtual meal. It’s always nice breaking bread with you.

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  6. There are times I miss those diners. Found a few up north and in the deep soouth while hiking, but they have certainly become a rarity.
    I think one of the things I enjoyed about these diners (and it sounds like you did as well when you met Austin) , was the open layout that encouraged people to mingle while eating. Especially at the “bar.”
    No luck finding a similar 50’s US-style diner here in Romania, so I’m glad to have had the chance to join you for a virtual meal.

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  7. I know what you mean, and it seems to be happening more and more, every where me and hubby go too. It is a great blessing that people are bolder about the blessing God has bestowed on them, and you are right it’s a confirmation to us when they share it with us :):):)

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  8. Thank you Margaret. It is so great when people feel safe enough to share their stories with us. Its like the greatest gift there is to both the giver and especially the receiver. It is happening all the time as we journey along. So re-affirming.

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  9. Aren’t these places the best. Great foods prepared in their own unique style and great conversations. Life can’t get much better. We are glad you are along with us Karen even if it is only vicariously.

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