The Encounter – Emma and the Doe

The Encounter – Emma and the Doe

While we’re on our next adventure exploring the area around Lancaster, PA, we thought it might be fun to share some of stories the from our first journey – where it all began.

We met many amazing women along our journey and here’s the story of one of them. Rosa moved from Greece and found this great country to truly be the land of opportunity. For a bit more of her story, here’s the post.


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30 thoughts on “The Encounter – Emma and the Doe

  1. I’m a Maine girl, these pictures reminded me of so many places in Maine. I loved seeing the doe, we used to have them in our yard all the time. Thank you for sharing your journey.

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  2. LOL. So true. Emma began whimpering as the doe got closer. And moose are big creatures. Haven’t seen one in the wild… yet. They are back on the move toward the Adirondacks so maybe someday…

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  3. I still remember the days before the moose moved north. We used to get stopped in our tracks down a deserted trail by the behemouthes. They were one of the few things that truly scared our burly Alaskan Malamute Geoff.

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  4. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Yes, Emma is learning how to be social and realize that not everyone wants a kiss from her, lol. Yes, we look at the scenery in your videos and love how you do it. Something the effects when you combine words and video together that brings us to new levels of awareness.

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  5. Woof, woof Mandy. That doe was big and to be honest with you a couple times I hid behind my people daddy cuz I was a little nervous. After I looked in her eyes though I wanted to run and leap with her.

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  6. Emma is so well behaved. The scenery is to die for, must be cold though. You guys are true adventurers. I love this blog. You can see my passion for scenery in my writing. Seeing some of the pictures and reading about some of your journeys is truly inspiring and entertaining. So close to nature, magnificent. Please continue.

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  7. It was so funny because it did seem like she wanted to play. But, when the little doe kept moving closer Emma was like that 2 year old child wanting to hide behind dads leg when something or someone different approaches. Emma kept ducking behind my leg and letting out little whimpers as if to say “daddy this thing is getting awfully close”. The doe kept staring at Emma as if to say “hmmm you think I’m different well look at yourself in the mirror”, lol. It was precious though.

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