Swan Lake Campground, Pengilly, MN ~ By Tom ~

After setting up camp we headed over to catch up on some laundry chores and had a great opportunity to talk with “Bunk” who with his

Darryl, Audrey and Emma
Darryl, Audrey and Emma http://www.usathroughoureyes.com

wife spends summers at the campground and helps out the owner, Bill, by running the little pub set up for the residents at the park.  From their Audrey and I watched the beautiful sunset then we were in our sleeping bags for a good night’s sleep.  When we got up that next morning the temps were a chilly 58 degrees but it really didn’t seem that cold.  It felt good just relaxing with our coffee and reviewing the travels from the day before.  As we relaxed our neighbors, Darryl and Debbie

Darryl, Debbie, Audrey and Emma
Darryl, Debbie, Audrey and Emma http://www.usathroughoureyes.com

came by to chat a bit and to let us know we might want to move our tent because rain was evident and where we were positioned surely we would be flooded by morning. Thank God for their suggestion because just after we moved our tent the skies opened up and the rains began.    Because of the weather we decided to hunker down and spend another day at the site and catch up on reviewing photos and updating the website.  It was late when we finished and the thought on both our minds was crawling into our sleeping bags and enjoy some much needed rest.  As we were packing up to leave that next morning Darryl and Debbie stopped by to say goodbye and we had such a great conversation.  They shared their remarkable story of the joys and challenges that life can throw at you but it was an inspiration to see how it made them both stronger in character. Darryl worked construction for many years before finishing out his career as a welder and Debbie worked as a medical lab assistant. They now enjoy their retirement living the summer months in Minnesota and the winter months in Texas.  One of the pearls of wisdom I gleaned from our conversation was when he said the biggest thing he learned through his health challenges was “it doesn’t do any good to worry about things” and that he practices this belief every day.  What a remarkable couple and as Audrey and I put this piece together we both can still see their smiles and the love they have for each other and those around them. Darryl and Debbie, we look forward to staying in touch with you two and who knows maybe we’ll get together in Texas one of these winters. 

Darryl and Debbie
Darryl and Debbie http://www.usathroughoureyes.com

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11 thoughts on “Swan Lake Campground, Pengilly, MN ~ By Tom ~

  1. Thank you so much Toni for your incredibly powerful words. We too are getting the gist of not worrying and it sure does make things go a lot smoother. Meeting with the people off the beaten path has been so incredible humbling and joyful for us. People like you and us that are trying to do the best we can and then sharing it with others. You are such an encouragement for us.


  2. Again a very nice story about the day in Pengilly, and again a great meeting with nice people. Worry about some things is maybe not good, but er is such a lot of misery on the beautiful world, and sometimes I’m worry about it, not for myself, but fot all the people they suffer. Warm greetings, Ann.

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