Our First Anniversary Blogging and Traveling ~ Part 6 of 8 ~

Hello and welcome back for part 6 of this 8 part review of our first-year anniversary of travel and blogging.

Another lesson learned this past year was “slow down”. Don’t do a “Clark Griswold”! You may recall the scenes from the National Lampoon movie “Summer Vacation”  and how Clark would stop periodically to look at the beautiful sites and after 30 seconds make a deep sigh and say something like, yup, this is great and then corral the family back into the car to continue on toward their intended mission.

As we all know every journey must have a map and a time line but let them be your guides not your bible. The route which is the plan may change multiple times along the way but most likely the destination or goal won’t. We are so glad we had spent time looking at where we were going and had a general knowledge of the sights we wanted to check out because, as you can imagine, tourist maps will have you chasing places that claim must be seen before you die only to realize when you arrive that you would have lived just fine without it. We realized you cannot see it all. If you try to you’ll burn out. So, the lesson here is slow down.

Another lesson is take notes of where you are and what you’re seeing because after a while days blend and you begin wondering what day it is and what state you are in. Some of you are probably laughing right now because it has happened to you, too. We were about 100 miles into North Dakota and thought we were still in Minnesota.

We hope you return to see more of our lessons learned and our year in review.

  1. Heide

    “We were about 100 miles into North Dakota and thought we were still in Minnesota.” HAHA! Thank goodness for GPS, eh? 🙂 That last shot of Emma is especially gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person


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