Day 8 and 9 of 28 ~ By Tom ~

Welcome back to a recap of our trip across United States and days 8 and 9 of our journey.  This has been an incredible experience.  We woke this morning at Camping in The Clouds Florence, WI to no rain and what a beautiful morning it was as we sipped our coffee reading our morning devotionals.  We agreed this place was a slice of heaven and a great place to stay another night to catch up on our rest and post some of the happening of the past days.  We decided to reposition our tent just in case the rains came again.  Then it was off to grab some lunch and check out the little hamlet of Florence, WI.  What a quaint little town with lots of great folks.  We settled in at Barb’s Café and what a spot.  We arrived back at our campsite and relaxed to the sounds of the coyotes in the hills  To see more of our day please click on Barb’s Café , Breakfast At Barb’s Café  ,   Ahhh A Day To Relax ,    Camping in WI… .

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