Day 10 of 28 ~ By Tom ~

map 10, Florence WI to Tofte MN
Map 10, Florence WI to Tofte MN

Welcome back to a recap of our trip across United States and day 10 of our journey.   Wow, day 10 of this incredible journey.  We slept so sound and woke to a light rain.  After packing our gear we headed to the showers and a real shock came when we went to start the car and all we heard was the dreaded click…click…click.  Oh, well thank God, Linda from the campground came to the rescue and quickly jump started us.  She noted that if it was the alternator to bring it back and she would swap it out for us.  Now this is a campground with owners that care. Fortunately, it was only the battery which come to find out was 7 years old and it was lucky to have gone this far, lol.  The route was loaded with beautiful sights as we travelled 311 miles from Florence WI, north west through Presque Isle, Duluth, along the shores of Lake Michigan arriving at Tofte, MN some 7 hours later where we decided to spend the night at the “AmericInn”.  I was tired and fighting off a stomach bug.  It was so great the way Audrey coordinated everything so I could just hit the bed.  I was out like a light in a matter of minutes.  It felt different sleeping in a bed compared to on the ground in our tent.  To see more of our day please click What is a Road Trip without a bit of car Problems? .

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