Ahhh A Day To Relax ~ By Tom ~

Ahhh, what a great feeling to wake up and just relax for a moment. We got in late last night with only moments to set up our campsite before the rains came pounding down.  Audrey found the site thanks to google and the reviews don’t do it justice.  It is called Camping in The Clouds Florence, WI.  When we arrived there was no one around so we called the number on the sign post and the voice on the other end radiated with the feelings we had selected the right campground.  The place is owned by Will and Lynda Hawley and they were out test driving their new 4 wheelers but suggested campsite 421 and was he right.  We are sitting on a hill overlooking the hills.  The site is secluded and best of all we are right near the “potty”, (necessary after driving all day and sipping coffee, lol).  We like this so much we extended our stay from the thoughts of one night to 3.  Besides Emma likes the sounds of the coyotes at night and all the critters running around and that she can go without her leash and play toss the bone and Frisbee.



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