Day 7 of 28 ~ By Tom ~

Map 7 Mackinaw City MI to Florence WI

Welcome back to a recap of our trip across United States and day 7 of our journey.  We traveled from Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground, Mackinaw City, MI. 213 miles over a period of 6 hours before making camp at Camping in The Clouds, Florence WI.  The scenery along the way was magnificent.  As we reached our campsite we could see the sky blackening and knew we had to hustle or we were going to get wet.  No, we were going to get real wet.  Sure, enough we got the tent set up and as we were putting up the tarp to cover the tent and site the skies opened.  We barely had time to put on our frog togs but they weren’t enough to keep us from getting drenched.  We did it though and we were so pleased to keep a sense of humor about the whole thing.  We slept so sound this night listening to the pitter patter of the rain bouncing off the tent.  To see more of our day please check out Emma reminds us to play.

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