Day 2 of 28 ~ By Tom ~

Sandusky OH to Petersburg MI
Monroe County/Toledo North KOA Campground Petersburg, MI
Monroe County/Toledo North KOA Campground Petersburg, MI

Welcome back to a recap of our trip across United States and day 2 of our journey.  We traveled 78 miles before deciding to make camp at the Monroe County Toledo North KOA campground in Petersburg MI.  I guess the reason we didn’t make it too far is our frequent stops along the way and we were busy getting a handle on how to travel, blog, and enjoy our journey.  To see more of our 2nd day click on Leading The Way,  I’m Not Sure of This KOA Place But…, Hello Bethany at Rayz On The Bay ,  Ahh What An Experience At The KOA and Carnival or Campground.

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