Hello Bethany at Rayz On The Bay ~ By Tom and Audrey ~

Rayz on The BayWe wanted to take a moment and say hello to Bethany at “Rayz On The Bay” back in Sandusky, Ohio.  On September 2nd, Tom and Judy at “Crystal Rock Campground”  recommended it and are we glad they did.  When we drove up we noticed the outdoor patio so we asked if we could have Emma sit beside us on the patio.  Without hesitation they said “sure”.  Bethany Bethany at Rayz was our waitress and what a fantastic job she did at making us feel so relaxed and welcomed.  She shared with us a little of her wonderful story and the best part was that she was happy she had returned to the area and how she said she feels like she’s home again.  I had their “Black and Blue Burger” and Audrey the “Classic Cheese Burger” and both were the best aroundEnjoy the Classic Cheeseburger.  We highly recommend this place to anyone with a big appetite for great food.  Thanks Bethany!


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