I’m Not Sure of This KOA Place But… ~ By Emma ~

Emma at KOAHello there fellow canines.  Wow what a dog day afternoon (not the movie, lol).  We have been going non-stop these past 4 days and today I needed to stop, breath and catch up on what’s been happening.  To do so I need to back these paws up a bit and go to our overnight stay on 9/2 at the Monroe County / Toledo North KOA Campground in Petersburg, Michigan.  I tried to get my peoples to paws a moment by nope, they were tired and needed to rest and quite frankly I did too.  We could hear the sounds of the highway behind us but didn’t think much of it because after all it was still only early evening.  There sure was a lot of excitement on this Labor Day weekend and we were frankly blessed to even find a place to stay.  We had an acre to ourselves and got everything set up and had a nice relaxing dinner.  Thens when the campers from another world showed up.  Everything seemed great until they had a few brewskies and the tunes got cranked.  I hadn’t heard noise that loud since my dawg buddy chased ole Ms. Grayson’s fat tabby cat up the tree a few years back.  Now, I love country because they always include a family and their dawg but there’s a new twist when the volume is so loud that even my droopy ears couldn’t block it out.  Emma pondering this KOA ThingMy poor peoples were so patient with hopes they would just fall asleep and it would all be just a bad memory turned good after a few weeks.  Well, it’ll take more than a few weeks.  I don’t know what was worse… the loud music or the loud cars?  I guess when it was all barked and done we slept like hound dogs after a good fox hunt.  We chalked it up to another awesome experience in these great United States.  I sure was glad when my peoples got up early and we hit the road again .  We saw some awesome sights as we traveled the back roads to who knows where as my head hung out the window and my jowls undulated to the wind flapping my lips.  There’s something to be said about that occasional bug that flies in your mouth.


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

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