Emma reminds us to play


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14 thoughts on “Emma reminds us to play

  1. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. It is so interesting what we learn about ourselves and others and that we are all growing. None of us have all the answers but we can learn so much from the experiences of others and by sharing. So glad having you along with us.

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  2. Isn’t true. Before Emma I would look at dog owners and think silly thoughts of how they interacted together. Now with Emma entering my life I apologize for all those previous thoughts. Dogs really do become a part of the family. She knows when we’re taking her and she knows when its time to go into her crate. How she knows we can’t figure out.

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  3. LOL, LOL, LOL, and we’re still laughing at your comment. We signed onto the link to see little Mandy. She was so tiny and soooooo cute. What a precious little sweetie. Thank you so for sharing and clarifying that the lady wasn’t the mom, lol.

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  4. Wrrroef Emma, you are so right, it’s good for people te move, but ofcorse with frisbees and little bears πŸ˜‰ I like the story about you and your mam and dad, and I’m very pleased that you have such a good home. For you a link to my first day, I was 8 weeks and my mother was given a lot of money for me πŸ˜‰ The lady with the big boobs is not my mother Emma πŸ˜‰

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  5. Woof, woof Mandy. Yes my people daddy and I play all the time. I know sometimes he gets a little irriatated with me cuz I get my Frisbee and poke him with it continually till he takes me out. He thinks its cuz I like to play, which I do, but the real reason is I want him to get the exercise. We doggies Mandy need to keep our peoples moving. Isn’t the life of a dog hard at times, woof, woof. I gotta admit though my peoples love me a lot and I’m so glad my people mommy recued me from the animal shelter when she did, https://usathroughoureyes.com/2016/08/27/rescue-dog-labrador-retriever-story/ and
    Hope you like my story Mandy through these links.


  6. WOW, Emma daddy is great to play with you, my mother play also with me, but not with a frisbee, I have a little bear and I think she was trow it away for me 100000 times, love you Emma, wrrroooef from Mandy.

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