Let’s Play Some Frisbee ~ By Emma ~

I no sooner began to bark out “look peoples mommy and daddy a park” and my peoples daddy was pulling in.  I swear they know what I’m thinking some of the time.  Maybe it was cuz I was jumping all over in the back seat.  My peoples don’t think I’m aware of what’s happening just cuz I’m curled up in the back seat but I know when my people daddy is starting to feel tired cuz the car sways a bit from time to time.  It’s my doggie sense to know these things to keep em safe.  We had so much fun in the park and if you click on this link you’ll see why.


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11 thoughts on “Let’s Play Some Frisbee ~ By Emma ~

  1. Woof Woof. It is so great you can read your people Mom real good like that. Its okay to play the game like that for treats. Having a place to come inside too is a good thing. Are the treats salmon flavor?

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  2. I’m extremely good, if I do humbly say so myself, at lying around looking beeeeyootiful. Yesterday I escaped to the patio and chased a wasp around in circles for a few minutes. Then I spent the res of the day lying around. I’m soooooo good at that!

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  3. Woof Woof Roxie D. It would be fun watching you prance through the grass with a Frisbee in your little mouth. I wonder if they make small ones, hmm. I knew a kitty once that fetched socks balled up. I never thought kittys would like to chase like that. I just thought they liked laying around looking pretty.

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  4. She sure does love it. Its funny though… The first Frisbee we bought she wouldn’t touch it. Then on our road trip we found the one in the video. She immediately picked it up and wanted to play. When we returned back home she then liked her original one plus the one she got on vacation. Dawgs are funny or at least Emma is funny.

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