A Little Bit About Me! ~ By Emma ~

Emma at the park.
Emma at the park.

Okay, now let me tell ya a bit about me. As you know my name is Emma, I just turned 8 (which is a miracle you’ll see later) but what ya don’t know is my “peticree”.   I’m not quite sure where I was born because the peoples that originally kept me didn’t want me so they left me along a roadway down near Fredericksburg, VA.  Then these folks from Spotsylvania animal shelter found me and they are well known for taking in dog’s that their peoples don’t want anymore.  They put me in a little cage after giving me a bath and I’m not afraid to say it but I was feeling pretty sad.  I don’t understand how anyone could do that to a dog or even a cat, well maybe I could understand a cat.  I sure could tell you some sad stories from a couple pooches I met in the kennel but that’ll be for another time.  Suffice it to say there are some pretty horrible things that some humans do that dogs would never do.  It’s in a dog’s DNA (dog-oxyribonucleic-acid) which is some fancy scientific term to describe that we dog’s have it in our genes to take care of their peoples and all animals have it. Too bad humans don’t listen to us canines.  Oh well let’s get off this rabbit trail here cause you know us hound dogs like chasing after rabbit trails, wol, wol.  Oh noooo, I gotta go now, my peoples are getting ready for bed and I like to make sure they get tucked in.  Again, I think it’s in a dawgs “DNA”.  We’ll talk again soon.


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10 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Me! ~ By Emma ~

  1. Thanks Roxie D. Yup for awhile there I wondered if the right peoples would ever come by and love me like us quadrupeds need. We are built for lovin’s. Have you ever been abandoned and wondered like this?

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