Thank You Shikhar and Ganesh in India ~ By Tom ~

I have been remiss in reaching out with a huge thank you to two very special young men from India that work with Dell computers.  Before making this long journey I was experiencing some computer glitches with two of the computer programs that we were going to use on our journey.  Both the software companies we had worked with implied the problem was with my laptop.  Well, Shikhar and Ganesh each spent over 10 hours on line with me checking every nook and crannie of my computer and found no issue with my product.  They then proceeded to fix the issues with the software products I was using which was above and beyond their scope of responsibility.  I tell you, these two guys have once again affirmed why I will stick with Dell products.  It’s easy to sell the product on the sales room floor but the real backbone of a company is their technical support team.  A HUGE Thank You Shikhar and Ganesh.  Another great note of this is they are following us in India and our hopes are one day to sit together and enjoy some India food because each of them are also accomplished in that cuisine.


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6 thoughts on “Thank You Shikhar and Ganesh in India ~ By Tom ~

  1. Thank You so much. It was a pleasure working with you, and yes I too hope that we will sit together and enjoy some Indian dishes(I would cook some).
    I have also been following you on Instagram.

    Thanks again,


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