Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard part 19.

Hello everyone and Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there.  Welcome to part 19 of “Rochester, NY – Our Back Yard” our continuing journey of getting to know new people and places around our home town.

Today, we are so excited to share this experience we unexpectedly encountered while we were on a day trip to Charlotte Beach here in Rochester, NY.  As we were walking about and enjoying the beauty of the day we noticed and Dad and his daughter heading toward the beach with a kite in hand.  We looked at each other and immediately began to tag along to see where this adventure was going and are we glad we did.  As we were watching and taking photos we learned that Allen and his daughter, Aniy’Jha, live here in Rochester and often visit Charlotte Beach to enjoy the views and spend quality time together.

We dedicate this video not only to Allen and his daughter, Aniy’Jha, but to all Dads out there.  We hope you enjoy.

We’re looking forward to seeing you back again real soon and until then be safe and keep looking up.


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33 thoughts on “Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard part 19.

  1. Hey, I have told some of my other family members about my blog and they told me to text it to them, and they are all excited too because they are going on the same adventure that I am, my brother and my mother blog, but my dad does not. Just wanted to tell you, their names are and

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  2. Well we sure hope all is okay with your Dad. Spend as many precious moments as you can with him. Dads are special. We bet he would love to fly a kite with you again and reflect on days gone by. We’re glad you enjoyed the video. We had fun putting it together.

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  3. This is great. I’ll be spending a lot of time with my father this year (as will my whole family) because of his upcoming surgery. He lives right on Park Point along Lake Superior. I think I’ll buy him a kite!

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  4. My bio father left when I was 2. When I was 11 my mom married Roger. He & my mother divorced after 5 years but Roger has remained my Dad. Happy Father’s Day wishes for all the Dad’s, bio & by choice!

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  5. A lovely slice of life. What parenting should be all about. Great choice to post. I wish you both a happy father’s day (of Emma) since no matter our gender, we are all mothers and fathers to those “children” who share our home! 🙂

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