Our Favorite Campground From Our Pennsylvania Journey

Hello everyone.  If you’ve been following along, you have probably guessed our favorite campground from our journey to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  You’re right – Flory’s Camping and Cottages – where our stay of two nights turned into eight. The campsites and facilities were clean and well maintained and it was very quiet – with only the sound of the horse and buggies clopping by in evening.

Traveling around Lancaster, Pennsylvania. http://www.usathroughoureyes.com

We hope to see you back again real soon and until then be safe and keep looking up.


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34 thoughts on “Our Favorite Campground From Our Pennsylvania Journey

  1. What an experience for you living there. We’ve always been intrigued by its culture and beauty. Looking forward to learning more about there through your post.
    No real plan for our journeys but are attempting to tour each state and gather stories of the people. Tennessee is our next spot to see. Its nice having you along with us.

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  2. Thank you too. Yes, I’m living in Tokyo, in the midst of the immense artificial jungle. Fascinating, but for real nature and camping one needs to go outside of Tokyo (ca. 2 hours train ride).
    Is there a plan/schedule for your journey through the US?

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  3. Thank you Mathias. Wow living in Tokyo. This is awesome. Are you there studying or working? Yes we too enjoy camping over hotels. There is something about the beauty of it. We are so glad having you along with us on our journeys and being able to follow you too.

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  4. Your blog creates the appetite for traveling the world (and the US). I always preferred camping over hotels. How nice is it to walk barefoot instead of having to wait in the lobby. Living now in the city of Tokyo I even more long for nature. I am happy to be following your blog:-) Wishing you all the best on your journey of personal growth! Thanks

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  5. What we are learning is from traveling along with people that have blazed the trail ahead of us. We mean it when we say we are excited for you. The journey for us has been and continues each time we hit the road one of personal growth and growth for us as a couple. Its always good when one steps outside their zip code.

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  6. This is an awesome recommendation T.R. Thank you. It is now on our planner. Ohio has so much to offer and when we learned of the Amish presence there we want to go more so. Thank you for letting us know this.

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  7. If you visit Ohio, check out Hocking Hills’ cabins. They are beautiful, and in such a peaceful area. Sugar creek, Berlin, Charm and other surrounding counties in Ohio have many Amish farms and stores. So there are a lot of nice shops, and restaurants.

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  8. You make it sound so nice. I think I would also enjoy the sound of horses walking down the roads. How interesting it would be to spend a day in an Amish community. It must be very eye-opening in all the best ways. Even just to imagine about it.

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  9. It was so soothing Stewie to hear the horse and buggies go about their business from early morn to late into the evening. They seem to have horses for travel and horses for work. The work horses are massive and seeing them yoked together pulling the huge plows was so interesting. They do have places where you can ride in the wagons and buggies with an Amish person to get a feel for the experience. What is so cool is how real the folks are… not snobbish or see themselves better. They are just real people living their belief in a peaceful way. Thank you for asking.

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