The Journey to Florida, days 8, 9 and 10

Hello everyone.  December 24th, and day 8 of our journey.  What a joy it was to be spending Christmas with Audrey’s Dad and Mom.  We spent the 24th, 25th and 26th there in wonderful fellowship.  What an awesome family unit and a love for the Lord.  They and the neighborhood they live in are so friendly.  Each day there was filled with inspiring conversations and activities that were so relaxing.  As Audrey and I took morning walks we would meet their neighbors and each one glowed with an obvious joy.  I am sure they have encountered the same and perhaps more of the same heart aches we have but are choosing to smile instead of frown.  One great couple we met was John and Willa.  Before retiring John was a Chemical Engineer and Willa a Teacher.  Retirement has not slowed this couple down one bit.  Their talents are many and I think still developing.  Willa’s has talents in the art field that far exceed excellence.  Everywhere you look in their beautiful home there is something one or the other has created. 

While on one of our walks I also had the chance to meet a young boy by the name of Nile from New York City.  He was down visiting his grandparents.  We got together a couple times to talk and play catch with his football.  He shared bits of his life living in NYC and his dream of wanting to one day become a football player.  I gotta say he definitely has the arm to be a great quarterback. 

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