The Journey to Florida – day 11

Day 11 – Tallahassee, FL to Holiday, FL

Hello everyone.  Tuesday, December 27th and day 11 of our journey.  Today was a bit of a sad day because it was time to say our goodbyes for this visit and move on to our next destination.  It is always hard to say goodbye but we knew it was only temporary because we intend to be regular visitors from here on out.  We were up at 6 a.m., van packed and on the road by noon.

Our destination this date was Holiday, Florida for a long overdue visit with my brother John, his wife Ericka and their cats Q-tip, Beau and Yoda.  At first we weren’t going to tell them but after thinking about it realized it wouldn’t be fair to just show up in case they had previous plans.  They were so excited to know we were coming.

From Tallahassee, we headed south on route 19 and 98 along the Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area and the hamlets of Perry, Cross City, Crystal River, Homosassa, Port Richey, New Port Richey and on into Holiday.  The drive was so scenic and punctuated with numerous stops along the way as we covered 223 miles between noon and we arrived in Holiday around 8 that evening.  The temperatures hovered around 75 beautiful degrees.  Along the way we often checked our weather app for conditions back home and as we figured it was averaging around 25 degrees.  We were thankful for the reprieve.  Part of our delay was because our motorhome started acting up a bit.  Luckily happened in front of a Chevy dealership.  After speaking with the mechanic we were reassured it wasn’t anything serious and could wait to have it looked at. So we continued on to Holiday.  After this we stopped by a little park on the Suwanee River to relax and were able to captured some great photo’s.

In my mind, I thought it was only going to take a couple hours from Tallahassee to Holiday but there is where I made the mistake… I thought, lol.  I should have looked at the map but being male that’s the last thing we do if at all, lol.  Oh well we called John and Ericka and let them know we were behind schedule and true to who they are accepted with it with joy knowing we were safe and would soon be there.  We arrived to a warm hug at John and Ericka and a nice hot pizza.  There was nonstop conversation as we caught up on each other’s lives.  We yakked and yakked for hours before finally running a power cord to the van and turning in to catch some well needed rest.


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5 thoughts on “The Journey to Florida – day 11

  1. Such wonderful voice in these writings! I look forward to reading each installment. I love the name of the town “Holiday Florida”! Last September I stayed with family in Central Florida, Leesburg, about 1 hour north of Orlando, and they took us out on the water in the lakes and canals, with the lush overhanging Spanish-mossed trees and the deep water-cypresses, such an intriguing landscape. Fun!

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  2. oh that is so cute.
    I still have a memory of when our puppies visited Brandon, FL in 2005 – there was a 15 year old Golden Retriever who let the pups jump all over him – and I wish I had taken a photo
    and Florida is truly a unique and
    l o nnnnnnnn g state

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  3. oh I love the pictures and glad it was nothing major – …
    and I can relate to the underestimating the time it takes all across – anyone who drives it would likely agree- it is one HUGE state – oh my gosh is it….
    oh and such awesome names…
    Q-tip, Beau and Yoda

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