The Journey to Florida, day 7

Hello everyone.  December 23rd, Friday and day 7 of our journey.  We finally arrived in Tallahassee, capital of Florida and our original destination.  It is the 126th-largest city in the US with a population of 375,751 and is the main center for trade and agriculture in the Florida Big Bend and Southwest Georgia regions.  Temperatures were in the mid 70’s when we arrived and averaged that by day and mid 50’s at night.   It was an exciting day for us because we would be spending time with Audrey’s parents!  We were up by 6 a.m. and off to find a cup of coffee and some breakfast before heading over to Audrey’s Dad and Mom’s.

From here it was off to find a campground that we could call home while visiting with Dad and Mom.  Thanks to our RV Parks app we found the Tallahassee RV Park.    This place was great and the folks running it as friendly as you could ever meet.  The place was full but they offered us a small site that fit our class b motorhome perfectly.  The campground was clean and we felt safe and cared about and it don’t get much better than that now does it, lol.  We weren’t there 30 minutes and we jumped in the showers and it was off to fellowship with Audrey’s Dad and Mom.

Audrey’s Dad and Mom were so happy to see us and it was priceless seeing the joy in Audrey.  It wasn’t long before Audrey’s parents were insisting we park our motorhome in their driveway.  So we went back to the Tallahassee RV Park and asked if it would be possible to cancel our reservation. After we told them about Audrey’s parents wanting us to be there the owner without hesitating said “you need to be with your parents”.  Wow, this was incredible how thoughtful they were to allow us to change our reservation.  You can bet this will be a place we’ll recommend to others needing a place to stay while visiting Tallahassee.  From here it was back to Audrey’s parents to talk the night away. That evening on our way out to our van we noticed a slight propane gas smell coming from the back of the van.  In checking it out we discovered a slight leak in the propane regulator.  So we just turned off the tank and used the electric power to maintain our refrigerator and heat pump.  What a blessing to have it happen in the warmth of FL though rather than earlier in our trip in the northern states where the temps were in the 20’s and would have frozen our butts off without the propane to fuel the furnace.


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21 thoughts on “The Journey to Florida, day 7

  1. Thank you so much for saying these kind words and following our journeys. This mean a lot to us. There is so much to see out there and this venue has opened up so many ways for us to see the world and share it with others and for us to be able to experience the world through others. You have been able to allow us to see so much and we are truly appreciative. Your poetry is outstanding!

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  2. Thank you for the kind words. We are glad that you had a great visit with the parents. Stop and see us anytime you’re in the area.

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  3. We did it and enjoyed it. At first it was gross – really weedy and hard to see anything. Fortunately, there were some scuba divers with us and we went to another area that was weed free and super clear. We were just swimming around looking at crabs on the bottom of the river when the manatees were appeared and came to us. Very cool.

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  4. Not in Ocala. There are race horse farms there and also many riders who do eventing are there. I’m a dressage rider and all of my competitions are in Wellington. We stay in Palm City as my trainer is there. Ocala is more picturesque I think but it’s along way to go to get down to Wellington from there.

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  5. We certainly can relate to those mad rushes to get from point a to point d as we mention in our post. We kept saying some day. We are now discovering the beauty of the journey and how much there is to discover. Our busy lives in the past didn’t afford us the luxury of taking our time. Now that we no longer work time we are learning to “spend” our time more slowly, savoring every moment we can. One day it will happen for you and we can’t wait to read about it. Have you spent time in Ocala, FL? The horse farms there are awesome.

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  6. What a wonderful journey. We drive to Florida each year but we just drive down the I75 and carry on for two and a half days ( from Toronto to Palm City). We do not usually have the time t discover all the things you have described but maybe one year we could do something like it. Thanks for this entertaining journey.

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  7. Terrific! I’ll do some thinking about specific recommendations. Meantime, think about and talk about (among yourselves) what your goal might be in sharing the work on a larger scale (like in a book). For instance, coffee-table book? Electronic-access book? (like on the web) – Bill Bryson does some amazing travel-memoir books, like “A Walk in the Woods,” would you want to do something like that …? More soon-

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  8. Theresa your word are so uplifting. Thank you from our hearts. We sure are having fun doing this and talked just the other night of how these post are becoming like pages in a book of our life. We are always open to growing and learning and welcome your ideas with open arms.

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  9. Oh my gosh, another wonderful installment on your trip. The photos! The really interesting story about the RV park and about their response to being with Audrey’s parents. Tell me you’re thinking about putting these writings into some kind of book format. ? Readers would really enjoy both the images and the narratives you create. If you’re not sure how, leave me a comment and I’d be glad to share my ideas. 🙂

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  10. It is a great place. My parents retired there long ago from the Adirondacks. They became like children again with joy filling their every day. It was a nice reprieve from the colds of Rochester, NY. Hopefully one day you will check it out?

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  11. Haven’t done that yet but have with the dolphins. The manatees were really active when we were down there but our travels didn’t afford us the time to go see them. Oh, well reason to go back! That had to have been an awesome experience to swim near and touch them.

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