The Journey to Florida, day 6

Hello everyone.  December 22nd, Thursday and day 6 of our journey.  Today we traveled 284 miles and were on the road 15 hours.  We were up at 7 and off for breakfast at Chick-fil-A. Everyone was so friendly.  We began talking with the staff and the next thing you know the manager came over and gave us a gift card for a fee breakfast.  I gotta say we were impressed with this fast food restaurant and knew it would be on our list of friendly fast food places to dine.

Our travels today took us from Madison, GA, through Eatonton, Gray, Macon (“Macon lies near the geographic center of the state, approximately 85 miles south of Atlanta, hence the city’s nickname “the Heart of Georgia.”), Rutland, Avondale, Elberta, Warner Robins, Cordele (Watermelon Capital of the World), Arabi and Moultrie before reaching Tallahassee, FL, a little, no a lot, behind deadline.  Our goal was to reach Tallahassee, FL by midafternoon so we could find a campground but remember the ole saying about making God laugh – just make plans…  well it was once again true or at least for us it was.  The reason we got behind is when we arrived in Warner Robins, GA, we noticed it was home to Robins Air Force Base which is a major United States Air Force installation.  The base is named in honor of Brig Gen Augustine Warner Robins, the Air Force’s “father of logistics”.  The community houses the Museum of Aviation.  This museum is the second-largest aerospace museum of the United States Air Force. Oh, my gosh, if you are interested in the history of aviation then you must see this place.  The best part, besides the educational component, is it is totally free which you don’t see that too often.  This place is definitely on our top list of places to see in GA.  What we thought would be an hour rest stop turned into 2 or more hours of education on the topic of aviation.  As soon as we left the museum, we called Audrey’s Dad and Mom to explain that we would be late and they were so understanding.

We never reached Tallahassee until around 9:00 p.m. and that was a bit too late to show up at Dad and Mom’s so we decided to find a campground for the night.  Well, let me share a tidbit with you in that there are not many campgrounds in Tallahassee.  The only campground we could find was Lakeside Travel Park.  Well one drive through it and we looked at each other and knew it wasn’t a place we wanted to be. So, once again because it was so late our choices were limited and you guessed it… Camp Walmart was our only option, again.  This time though we were pro’s at finding just the right corner to park in for the evening.  We were once again not alone in our choice of staying here.  Hey, what can we say. The bathrooms are clean and their grocery store selection fantastic. So, we picked up some great snacks and it was back to our camper to relax and get a good night’s sleep.


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8 thoughts on “The Journey to Florida, day 6

  1. Yes we were amazed that the one we visited was free. There are not many free things left in the world. Sometimes we do not know how young families do it! Movies, restaurants, parks, etc all charge so much. We go to a movie and by the time we buy the ticket, get a bucket of popcorn and a couple bottled waters the cost is around $30.00.

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  2. A good post! My wife and I intend to take a car tour of the West Coast this summer. Thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate it very much!


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  3. Oh! These photos are just amazing. And I wanted to say “kudos” for the way you pay attention to things around you as you travel. Robins Air Force Base! I just visited the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum near Dulles Airport (had extra time to kill while waiting for a return flight home last week) and it was a treat to take the time to go through a place I hadn’t really planned on visiting. Looking forward to more!

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