Final Preparation for our Christmas Journey to Florida

Well, we think we are packed and ready to go (Emma sure is)!  There are always so many things to be aware of before heading out.  We came up with a check list to help reduce the stress of making sure everything is ready.  The list covers things such as making sure bills are paid for the period we’re away, van checked, gas and propane tanks filled, camera gear, electronics, clothing, cooking supplies, toiletries, etc.  You would think this would all be common sense stuff but for us it’s necessary so we have everything covered.  There is nothing worse than getting 200 miles down the road and the question comes up like did you remember the (fill in the blank).  Even though there is a store everywhere its just unsettling knowing something was forgotten.  One thing for sure is Emma never lets us forget her.  She is a crazy girl when she knows it’s road trip time.  Our next post will be from somewhere along the way.  Hope to see you back tomorrow to catch up.


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9 thoughts on “Final Preparation for our Christmas Journey to Florida

  1. Each day on the road provides so many moments to discover something new or a different way of doing. This is new for us experiencing holidays on the road and meeting new and exciting people. Each new person or situation we come across is like a gift to us.

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  2. well I look forward to any tips you two share as you travel. This is the kind of stuff that makes the blogosphere come alive.
    and have fun in Florida. I have christmas memories in four states – and Florida would be my first choice to go for thanksgiving and christmas….
    but glad to not travel this year as well…

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  3. Great tip. It helps keep us regular when those quick meals seem to slow us down. I’m going to have to try it in my coffee because it can irritate the tummy. Thank you. Please keep passing on any helpful tips you have discovered. We welcome them to help us learn and grow!!!

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  4. Emma looks healthy and vibrant – that was why I asked.
    And one little tip for road trips well besides the many folks oh probs my already know….

    I actually got it from someone else so I cannot take credit – but I love it.
    Keep a box of baking soda in the car console or somewhere accessible.
    A little baking soda under the tongue can alkalize the body and just makes us feel better. And a dash in coffee reduces the acid of the coffee –

    And in some people – baking soda can help for some motion imbalance.
    I only had one car (mini van) that made me shaky from long trips – and so I never really have to worry about it…. but the baking soda is so amazing for the body (see dr sircus)
    And it also keeps the indoor at air fresh – oh and sometimes I would sprinkle some on the place where doggie paws would go – esp if a stop was muddy….
    And by the way – your van-RV is so nice

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  5. Thank you for the tidings of safe travel. Highways are sometimes a bit crazy. We are getting better at realizing the departure can be a little exhausting and it is great to hear you have experienced it too. Emma is our 7 year old chocolate lab and has the energy of a 2 year old, whew….

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  6. Safe travels – and I know what you mean about the checklists – whew – sometimes it is exhausting to just get out the door- but so worth it once those items are tended to….
    Oh and quick question
    – how old is Emma?

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