Our Decision About What to do For Thanksgiving (part 1)? ~ by Tom ~

Home to Old Forge, NY
Home to Old Forge, NY

Having always been mindful of tradition we are learning to be open and explore new traditions while embracing and cherishing old ones.  In doing so we are growing and appreciating the countless, ever changing world around us.  The 14th verse in James chapter 4 “Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes” says a lot about our lives.  Thanksgiving for us has always been a season filled with hours of hustling to prepare elaborate menus of wonderful foods then inviting family and friends over to share stories about what each has been up to and all the while munching on so many delicious snacks.  Then it’s hurry to sit down to that large turkey dinner and all the trimmings which took hours to prepare and minutes to devour.  Then it was off to find a comfortable seat and join along with others in the chorus of “I ate too much”.  Then to get up and grab another cookie or slice of pie to round out the moment.  It’s interesting to see however the way present times are forcing changes in these wonderful traditions.  I think we are all seeing the family unit fractured and blended in so many ways and then there is the fact our children are growing up, moving away, then they meet and establish their families all while trying to blend their family traditions with those of their new families thus knowingly yet unknowingly creating new ones.  Then before you know it we are frantically trying to hold on to life the way it was instead of the way it is.  I may be a little bit wrong here but doesn’t this create some stress in all our lives.  So, give or take a few of these facts we decided this Thanksgiving to pack our home on wheels and spend Thanksgiving in a new way, camping.  So, it was off to “Old Forge Campgrounds” in Old Forge NY.  Wow, what a beautifully relaxing time we had.  We left home with 6 inches of newly fallen snow and were headed to an area known for its hefty snow accumulations and sure enough they had 18 inches of fresh, fluffy, snow.  It was beautiful.  We’re going to sign off now but want to leave you with some of the pictures we snapped along the way.  We hope you return tomorrow to read more about our non-traditional Thanksgiving“ van-ping” trip went. 




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6 thoughts on “Our Decision About What to do For Thanksgiving (part 1)? ~ by Tom ~

  1. Welcome, I am humbled to be part of this adventure, it make life more beautyful, drive the anxiety to explore the word, be open to opinions, all in all, I will say that it is another way to connect with the universe in which we live.

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  2. Thank you for your interest in our site. We, like you, are trying to communicate the good and beauty that surrounds us by sharing what we are seeing first hand in our travels and conversations with so many.

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  3. I had not taken the time to read your posts, but from the overview, I already like them! I will take the time to read your posts and I have reduced my subscribed bost, this will ensure that I always get updates from you! Thank you and have a blessed day! I am happy to connect!

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  4. Around 2005 we bought a Class C RV, a 1979 Flair. A bit funky, old, but we were very fond of it. Planning a 3,000 mile journey, N California to the SouthWest &back. Day before we left we discovered the radiator needed to be replaced. Having done that we explored (not without mishaps and breakdowns) Arches, Clands, and more. Memorable trip! We met some RV fulltimers who planted the idea in our heads. Result: a 38 foot Class A Newmar. bought at florida’s Space Coast, we drove it back to Petaluma, CA and have lived in it for almost ten years. Right now my e-book is free at Amazon Kindle, you might look up “The Road Has Eyes”. I’m a writer and I’m proud of this book. I love your blog! Americans can be so great. There IS a difference when you get away from the coasts. We always found help/support from strangers.


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