Day 12 of 28 ~ By Tom ~

Swan Lake Campground, Pengilly, MN
Swan Lake Campground, Pengilly, MN

Welcome back to a recap of our trip across United States and day 12 of our journey.  Good seeing you again and thank you for coming back.  We woke this morning in Pengilly, MN to the temperatures in the mid 40’s and the threat of rain looming around us so we decided to stay hunkered down at Swan Lake for an additional day.  Fortunately, we met Darryl and Debbie who introduced themselves and let us know we should move our tent to higher ground because if it rained (which it did) we would be floating into the lake.  We heeded their advice and were so thankful.  Sure enough the rains came so we snuggled in our tent and enjoyed our day relaxing and catching up on blogging the events of the past days.  To see more of our day please click Swan Lake Campground, Pengilly, MN and Along the way, the journey so far.

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2 thoughts on “Day 12 of 28 ~ By Tom ~

  1. Yes, it was so exciting. Its funny though. We got a good deal on the tent and it seemed to have what we needed. It wasn’t until we got further out west and we were talking with some other campers and they noted “ya know your heading into snow regions”. We said yeah but didn’t give it much thought figuring it was Sept and maybe the coldest would be 50. Well when we reached Montana and snow covered the mountains and we woke to frigid temps that we knew what they meant, lol. It was a lesson learned, lol. It was still fun. I remember waking one morning making coffee standing on the frost covered ground asking myself “are we having fun yet”. Within seconds the feeling was yes, this is fun. Its all in the attitude and it definitely was outside our comfort zone of waking to a warm king size bed and the coffee on timer, lol. We would do it again in a heart beat.


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