From Cando ND to here in Charles City IA. ~ By Tom ~

Hello out there United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Switzerland, Fiji, Italy, Romania, Malaysia, Philippians and Russia.  Wow, we are in awe that we have so many people from so many places in this big wonderful world of ours, some following us and those just looking in.  As we look at your comments, emails, blogs and websites our minds continually realize how connected our world has become.  There is so much good happening and our travels across the United States is allowing us to witness and talk firsthand with people of perseverance, character, honor, kindness, valor and stories that absolutely humble us.  It has helped us to realize we all share the same joys, dreams, heartaches and yes, fears but when we yoke together somehow everything falls into perspective.  Let us not remember to do good because in due time we will reap the benefits.  It has been awhile since I have made time to sit and share all that has been occurring.  Since the last time I talked with you we were in Cando, ND where we experienced the wonderful spirit of so many.  Since Cando we have journeyed through Minot ND, New Town ND, Watford City ND, North Billings ND, Reed Point MO, Livingston MT, Cody WY, Fort Smith MO, Buffalo WY, Custer SD, Keystone SD, Rapid City SD, Interior SD, Township SD, Oacoma SD,  Humboldt SD, Sioux Falls SD, Buffalo Center IA to where we sit right now in Charles City IA.  We cannot stop talking along the way of the so many “stories, told through words, Photographs, videos and sounds” which is the bi-line or our website homepage –  There is no way due to the time constraints that I and or we can bring the fullness to your eyes of what we are experiencing.  Therefore, we humbly ask you continue following and or checking in and sending email and comments as we post more in-depth stories down the road, okay?  Please remember it’s okay to click the “follow” button and also great when you see an article, photograph, video, quote and or link that appeals to you to click on either the “like” button or “comment” button both of which allow all to see and hear from you, okay!  Now, to talk a moment about where we now are, Charles City IA.  We arrived last night around 4:30 p.m. under the canopy of dark ominous rain clouds that were just waiting to pour forth their plenty.  We were exhausted from having traveled a good distance and before checking in to a hotel decided to cruise the town for some quick food to take back to our room.  As we drove down the streets we noticed all the businesses and homes were bunkered behind stacks of sandbags.  Our interest was quickly peeked and we continued on.  This is when some could say we stumbled upon a scene but I would prefer to call it an inspiring God-incidence of a towns character and strength.  In the parking lot of the towns shopping plaza were countless towns people coming together to counter the effects of a hellacious storm that had made first strike the 21st with fierce rains dropping over 6.35 inches.  If this wasn’t enough the little town was also under threat of not one but four tornadoes brewing.  As we watched and talked with the people and listened to their stories we were humbled by their perseverance to not go down defeated against the forces of this storm.  From what they said this town encountered a similar storm back in 1968.  In spite of all this happening around them they kept on keeping on.  Wow, what a testimony to a community coming together. The stories were incredible and will post more later but for now here are some photographs.


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

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