Stay Away From Bad Food!  ~ By Emma ~

Last night was a bit rough on me cuz I was up pretty much the whole night due to my people mommy having what I think was a dose of food poisoning.  You doggies know what that feels like when ya eat that unidentifiable critter and it don’t quite settle right, W.O.L.  Well, my people daddy took good care of my people mommy making sure she rested, got lots of head rubs and lots of soft kisses on her forehead (things he must have learned from us dogs and how we care for our peoples when they are under the weather).  My people mommy was still a bit queezy in the morning but they talked and decided to hit the road and enjoy the beautiful sites rather than staying as this cozy little spot overlooking the Badlands of South Dakota.  I sure am gonna miss this spot.  I met this real cool English Labrador Retriever this morning named Tank.  He was a hunk.  For a moment I wondered what our puppies would have looked like, hmmm.  Gotta admit he smelled real nice and I know he liked me.  I’ll have to send him one of my pics to remember me, woof – woof.   I can understand where they got his name… he was a big doggie.  He’s a rescue dog too and is also a therapy dog for his people daddy who suffers from PSTD from his time in Vietnam.  This man talked and talked to my people daddy and from the looks of it they became buddies.  After the two of them finished talking we were off on route 90 through the Badlands as I settled back to such beauty. 

Emma Settling Back.
Emma Settling Back.

You dawgs that haven’t been here really gotta gnaw on your peoples and get them to take a vacation here.  Today we went from Interior Wyoming to Sioux Falls, SD.  We decided to call it a day cuz my people mommy is still not on her game yet and I can tell cuz she keeps taking doggie naps.  She’s so cute when she sleeps in the car.  Sometimes she even barks in her sleep, W.O.L.  I’m pretty tired So I’ll say goodnight from our room here in Sioux Falls.  I’ve been dreaming lately of chasing boofalos, I wonder why?

Dreaming of Boofalos
Dreaming of Boofalos

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