Memories of Minnesota

So many kind folks and interesting sights that caught my eye along the way in Minnesota. Enjoy ~ Audrey


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15 thoughts on “Memories of Minnesota

  1. It sure is Ann. This morning we were up at 4 a.m. and off to an Easter sunrise service. It was a beautiful 68 degrees (20 C) and the daffodils and crocuses were peaking out all over and the birds chirping. Such a beautiful morning especially knowing He has risen.


  2. Thank you Eugenia. We are so happy knowing you are following along and enjoying the sites and sounds of our world to yours. Happy Easter. We were up at 4 and attended a sunrise service and it was a beautiful 68 degrees and the sunrise was gorgeous.

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  3. Thank you Ann. We came away with so many wonderful memories and are glad you found them enjoyable. Happy Easter to you Ann. The flowers are starting to pop up around this area. Spring is so pretty.

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