Morning Coffee with Breakfast and a Shower and we’re off! ~By Emma ~

Breakfast and a Shower

Breakfast and a Shower

Ahh, you dawgs out there I’m sure can understand how good that first cup of “Dogsure” is along with some food before showering.  He’s always got that camera ready but I’ve learned to accept he is recording moments in time.  It’s just really…., look at me, I’m still with my shower cap on and stinky breath.  I don’t know bout you but I like to wear a shower cap cuz I just hate when water gets in my ears don’t you.  Oh well life is good.  We left Buffalo WY early 9/20 on route 51 encountering even greater scenery.  We took a nice long rest at Crazy Horse Monument.  Peoples ya gotta mosey out there is all I can say.  When I sat at the foot of this sculpture with the monument at my back I felt so much peace. 

Emma At Crazy Horse Memorial

Emma At Crazy Horse Memorial

What a work of art that is being done there.    From there it was off for a brief rest at Mt. Rushmore.  I say brief cuz they aren’t pet friendly and I would have had to stay in the car.  As we sat at the ticket booth I was wondering what my peoples were gonna do when the lady said this.  Well, my people daddy looked at my people mommy and without hesitation they said if Emma can’t come in then I reckon we’ll leave too and they refunded our money.  Wow, now ain’t I lucky to have peoples like this.  I tell you dawgs out there it took me a lot of training to get them to this point but it sure is worth it.  We continued on up the roads into the Badlands National Park where we spent the night in Interior SD.  What a way to go to sleep looking out our window at the majestic view.


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