From Cody to Buffalo WY and into SD, Awesome! ~By Emma ~

Big Horn Canyon
Big Horn Canyon

Good morning all to you canines out there and you humans too.  I am nearly breathless from my experiences the past couple days as we meander through the Mountains.  Just when I think I’ve experienced the best smells and sights something better is around the next bend.  We left Cody Wyoming on 9/19 heading east on route alt 14a and it was great.  It really got exciting when we got on route 37 heading in and around Big Horn Canyon.  Breathtaking is all I can woof to ya.  My peoples let me roam all over and must admit it was a good thing they kept my leash on cuz the drop offs were a tad far down and I wasn’t really paying attention like I should have been, w.o.l.  We drove up Big Horn Mountain and let me tell you… it’s two miles up and I don’t know how our Toyota did it but it didn’t bog down at all.  I heard my people daddy say he sure hoped we make it cuz triple A first of all wouldn’t find us and second we wouldn’t be able to call em cuz we had no phone signal.  Quite frankly I knew we would make it.  I sure was glad we settled that night in Buffalo WY cuz I was human tired.  


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