Cameron and Britony at Granny’s Family Dining!  ~ By Tom ~

Granny's Family Dining
Granny’s Family Dining

Ahhhh what a great day.  After settling in at the Super 8 Motel here in Cody, Wyoming we went out for a bit to eat in this great little town.  The name Granny’s caught our eye because of the Granny’s we ate at earlier on in our journey.  When we walked in we immediately felt welcomed.  The young lady, Britony, let us sit by a window so we could watch our Emma girl to make sure she was safe.  Then our server, Cameron came over to greet us.  What a fantastic guy with character, integrity, wisdom and good looks to boot.  The three of us immediately hit it off and before you know it he was sharing with us his story. 

Cameron and Audrey
Cameron and Audrey
Cameron and Britony
Cameron and Britony

So many facets to this 21-year-old young man that intrigued us.  We expect to see great things accomplished by Cameron as he pursues his life’s dreams and endeavors.  Go get em Cameron, the world needs people like you!!!!


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