“50 States Before 50 and I Did It!” ~ By Tom ~

Katie, Seanna with Trinity
Katie, Seanna with Trinity http://www.usathroughoureyes.com

Here we are in the parking lot of the Super 8 taking Emma for her morning walk and sniff of the area and in this jeep is this beautiful shepherd just relaxing in the afternoon light checking out Emma. Well ya gotta take a picture of that so I asked and the next thing you know we are gabbing away.  Ends up Katie, Trinity (her dog) and Seanna.  They are traveling nurses and were on their way to a conference when their trailer axle started locking up, smoking and all this in the middle of nowhere.  So here they were at the Super 8 waiting for the mechanic to call and hear it was all fixed.  Shawna quickly inserted that it surely had to be the hand of God for some reason wanting them to relax a bit.  Seanna noted that along the way they got waylaid for 45 minutes and soon after being on the road they came across a bad accident scene that appeared to have happened within the hour.  Seanna said “who knows if we weren’t held back to prevent us from being that accident”.  It was so refreshing to hear these young ladies so enthusiastic and also openly share God’s hand in their lives.  Katie shared that the two of them met a little while back and became friends.  Katie has been on a quest to see and work in all 50 states before age 50 and she smiled with a smile that lit the mountains up exclaiming “I’m not 50 yet but did it so now I’m thinking I’m gonna include continents in that desire.  I cannot help to admire these young ladies for stepping outside their comfort zone and experience this great countryside.  Ladies you are an encouragement to us.  Blessings to you both and maybe we’ll meet again on some roadway.  Hopefully we won’t meet in a hospital but if we do its comforting to think you may be the nurses!!!!!


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

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