Friends Along The Way! ~ By Emma ~

Emma waiting outside Lauandry mat
Emma waiting outside Lauandry mat

I wanted to show you some of my friends I have sniffed out along the way.  It has been such a delightful experience on this road trip to discover that us dogs are dogs and humans are humans.  We all come in different sizes, shapes and colors but underneath that hairy or hairless exterior we are all the same.  We all want to be appreciated, loved and treated with respect.   We all need to just get along and realize we are different for a reason and those reasons are as plentiful as the fire hydrants in America, W.O.L. We shared some great stories of the perseverance it takes as a canine to manage a people families.  I was woofing and woofing at Daggers stories.  What a lot of moxie this little one has but then again it doesn’t surprise me.  Little dogs or big dogs all have that special dog- aracter to lead, W.O.L.


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14 thoughts on “Friends Along The Way! ~ By Emma ~

  1. Waf, waf, Emma. We can’t speak like humans, but good folks and ofcorse our dogparents understand almost everything and know what we mean, you and I love our people, take care for them give dogkisses and are loyal. Love, Mandy.

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  2. Woof, Woof Mandy. I sure can relate to what you are woofing about. Even thought its difficult to hear that others of our canine decent experience these hardships we can know we’re not alone. Ours is a hard task to love the unloveable until they learn our licks are our way of saying we like them. So many peoples miss out on the luv we have to give but hopefully in time they will learn. Isn’t it great though that we have found peoples that love us and have opened their homes for us to take care of em. My peoples take care of me because of the caring I give them… its kinda like I’ll paw your back if you paw mine, WO. It’s all part of our dog-aracter!

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  3. Dearest Emma, what a wonderful time was it to travel with your dad and mom and meet so much very nice people. I’m alone with my mother and she is Always loving me so much. But there are people they don’t like me, and I can’t understand that. I hurt never somewone, and yes I’m woofing thats my “dog-aracter” (I like this word). There are children afraid for me, and I am just good 3 kg. there are bigger cats. There are children they want to hit me with wooden sticks and now I’m afraid for children. Also big people don’t like me when I want to give them my love. The say it’s dirty when I want to give them a little lick. Do you understand that Emma, my mother and I not. My big people brother loves me and I’m very glad to see him and turn 60 times and giving him licks. But your right, big, little, we are all the same. Love you, Mandy.

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