Get Along Little Peoples! ~ By Emma ~

I must apologize for the long delay in my D’loging but I have been one busy dawg keeping my peoples on some kind of schedule and it ain’t been easy.  So please dog with me as I walk through the past couple days at dog speed.  Let me see I thunk I left off with teaching my peoples how to throw a plastic bird they call a Frisbee and that us canines are born runners and fetchers.  After giving them a workout I herded them back in the car and we were off down the road again.  We needed to start making up some lost time cuz my peoples wanted to keep stopping for photo moments.  I guess they have trouble membering things unlike us dogs that remember everything.  We covered lots of ground from Camping In The Clouds – Florence WI, on up the Gun Flint Trail – MN to Lake Bronson State Park where my peoples doggone tried to freeze me into an ice sculpture.  I was so thankful they stopped at the place called DQ for some food and found this kind man named Jim who gave us a heater for our tent.  It sure is nice going to bed now and not freezing.  What a kind man.  From there we passed through Rugby ND known to be the Geographical Center of North America. Now this was cool… here I sat at the center of this great Country and I made sure I left my scent all over the perimeter. 

Emma at the Geographical Center of North America in Rugby, ND
Emma at the Geographical Center of North America in Rugby, ND

I am sure the folks that found this place without a doubt were assisted by a canine cousin of mine, W.O.L.  From here it was off to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park – North Billings North Dakota.  Now this was exciting but a little scary cuz I had to keep close eye on my people Mommy who wanted to take photos of these big fury quadrupeds walking all around. 

Audrey and that Boofalo.
Audrey and that Boofalo.

In fact you can see how close she was and for a doggy second I thought I was gonna have to leap into action and show that big hairy boofalow that I got a mean side underneath this cute exterior.  From there we ended up at this great little place in Medora ND called Little Missouri Dining Saloon.  This place was awesome and this wonderful young lady, Elena that waited on my peoples took a real shine to me.  She went and got me a cold bowl of water and we really bonded. 

Emma, Audrey and Elena
Emma, Audrey and Elena

From here we stayed real late to catch the sunset, so late in fact we couldn’t find a place to stay so my peoples decided to drive straight through to Yellowstone National Park.  My people daddy got kinda tired and cranky though and we stopped at a rest area and got a couple hours sleep.  The best site was when we got up 4 hours later and the sun was rising up showing the splendor of the Rocky Mountains surrounding us.  What a site!  I did it… I got my peoples safe and sound to the place they initially set as the goal.  Whew, what a time we have been having.  Now I gotta tell you canines out there that are leading their peoples to this beautiful spot, please keep an eye out and your noses to the ground.  There are critters out here that make the hair on my back stand up.  There, now I’m current with bringing you humans up to date on this journey so far.  You are gonna have to stay tuned to find out what happens next, okay.


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

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