Cando, North Dakota, what a Town! ~ By Tom ~

What a community with character, kindness, heart, strong spirit which are only a few of the words that can be used to describe Cando, North Dakota!  As you know we were pretty hungry traveling across ND and didn’t know we would find a place because the towns were small and far between.  Well did we get blessed with finding this place.  We drove the business district without much luck before all of a sudden looking we see that all familiar Dairy Queen logo and its reputation for good ice cream.  The big question was did it have food.  Well did it ever!!!  The food was awesome and the owner RJ was so friendly.  After mentioning what we were doing he said it was okay for us to take a few pictures.  He was a master of the grill and before you know it we had some of the best sandwiches you could ask for.  As he was cooking he gave us a bit of his and his family’s story including the fact he had been owner of this establishment for going on 22 years.  He and his wife worked as a team before she went to work at a local bank.  Obviously this place was a great place to eat as evidenced by the steady stream of local folks coming in.  We were so blessed to meet some of the nicest people including Larry L. Larson who had recently retired from owning the local farm equipment business, Jim who works for a large hog farm and then there was Heather and her two daughters there for lunch who had moved to Cando from Ohio because of the opportunities for them as a family.  She shared a good piece of advice and that was when in ND always stop to fill up your car whenever you see a station because they are few and far between. We all sat around eating our sandwiches and learned so much about the town and the state of ND.  While we were talking I mentioned to Jim I was looking for a store that would carry small electric heaters that would work in a tent.  He smiled and said he had one for us.  I thought he was just being polite but wouldn’t you know it… after finishing his lunch he drove home and brought us back a small propane heater that he used for camping and ice fishing.  Can you believe it?  I tried to offer Jim money for the heater but he wouldn’t have it.  All he said was “no, you keep the money and have a nice vacation and if you meet someone down the road that needs a heater, then you can help him out”!  I gotta say this man truly touched our heart with his kindness, not to mention saved us from freezing somewhere in our tent.  This little town of Cando North Dakota ranks highest in our hearts as a community with heart.  Audrey and I continue to be humbled by the folks we are meeting as we travel across this great United States of America. 


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

6 thoughts on “Cando, North Dakota, what a Town! ~ By Tom ~

  1. Yes Ann it was such a friendly place. By the time we left there were about 12 of us gabbing up a storm like we were long lost friends catching up. Emma loves the social interaction. Emma sends her best to Mandy.

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  2. An other very nice day in a small but friendly place. On the photos the owner and his wife looks nice on the photos and Jim was very kind. A great vacation Tom and Audrey, ofcorse for Emma to.

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