Little Missouri Dining Saloon and Elena!  ~ By Tom ~

Little Missouri Dining and Saloon
Little Missouri Dining and Saloon

After leaving the north end of Theodore Roosevelt National Park getting ready to head into the south end of it we needed some nourishment because we were running on empty.  That is when we came across this little town, Medora ND and the Little Missouri Dining Saloon.  What a great place with all the allure of a working western town.  We went upstairs to the outdoor balcony and Elena our server greeted us warmly with a smile that could sooth the weariest of travelers. 

Emma, Audrey and Elena
Emma, Audrey and Elena

We asked if it would be okay if our Emma girl would be able to join us and without hesitation she said “you sure can, you wouldn’t leave your children in the car so dogs are deserving of the same treatment aren’t they”.  Wow, what a way to say to travelers come on in and feel welcome.  The food was delicious and Elena shared so much of her life story with us.  This young lady came here from Bulgaria on a 3-year work visa and has worked numerous jobs across these great United States.  She knew more things about our country then many who have been here forever.  What character this young lady had and wisdom that is usually only found in people much older than her.  She noted having a blog also and couldn’t wait to get off work to check ours out.  Elena, we know we are going to be hearing great accomplishments from you in the days and years ahead.  Please don’t forget us okay!


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10 thoughts on “Little Missouri Dining Saloon and Elena!  ~ By Tom ~

  1. This is so nice to hear you say Ann. When you come we’ll take you to see where we’ve been and the people we have met along the way. Yes, most times the news leaves out the wonderful things and believe us when we say there were so many wonderful things we saw and people we met that humbled us.


  2. When I was young I want to go to all the places and meet all the people you wright about, it is so nice to read about everything what is good in your big country, in the news we read it is Always about the bad things. Greetings, Ann.

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